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Windows App Store is still a wretched hive of scum and villainy


There’s been a tiny flurry of stuff happening with Windows 8 lately and that always leads me back to the ex-Metro, tiled start screen and eventually deep into the Windows Store. I found this gem among the Flappy Bird clones and recipe apps and had to share it based on the name alone.

Real Speed: Need for Asphalt Race – Shift to Underground CSR Addiction 14

It’s like some kind of sentient SEO robot spewed out a game title and it looks about like what you’d expect. It wants to be Gameloft’s Asphalt or EA’s Real Racing but from the sound of the reviews it’s barely controllable and filled with in-app purchases. It also allegedly has no desktop support so I’m not even going to try; the title alone is more than enough for me.

EPICWIN App Rewards You for doing real stuff

No matter how familiar you are with the concept of ‘Getting Things Done’ — the philosophy of accomplishing goals for tech world hipsters and career procrastinators alike  — the makers of EPICWIN are hoping to simultaneously win you over with virtual rewards while helping you tick tasks off your to-do list. Whether you’re in it for loot and experience or to finally motivate yourself to make some changes in life, victory with this app is an all around EPICWIN!

Like any to-do list app you break down your lofty goals (or bothersome chores) into steps and then click them off as you finish. EPICWIN takes those accomplishments, no matter how small, and turns them into level-boosting quests and even rewards you with loot and stats in a faux role-playing world. Of course, my problem is that all we have is the iPad and I’d have to remember everything I did all day until I could get home to tick it off unless they make a BlackBerry app which, let’s be honest, isn’t at all likely.

Love the idea, though, and that Treeman in the video is my new best friend. Hope I can put this to use one of these days!

“Feared about Ghosts?” Who Ya Gonna Call?

pacxonBlack!Berry!, that’s who, because this isn’t a post about Ghostbusters, it’s a post about engrish! Check out the description of AppSea’s Blackberry game, Xtreme Pac-Xon:

Ghosts are all around. Feared about Ghost? There is a saying, Attack is the best defense. So remove fear, attack and finish them before you get attacked. Boost your confidence you will be able to finish Ghosts from the earth. Play Xtreme Pacxon on your Blackberry and enjoy all the fun.

So why are you waiting for? Keep pressing your Blackberry keys and destroy the ghosts. All the best!

Glorious! I have tried for years to remove fear but I never could finish Ghosts from the earth. I don’t know why I am waiting for so I’ll just blame it on the economy. If you’re at all curious about the game itself, Xtreme Pac-Xon is a shameful mashup of Pac-Man art and Qix gameplay. So take that iTunes App Store! We got shame!!

Scratch ‘n Win! for the iPhone: So close to a revelation

When I saw the headline — “Scratch ‘n Win! for the iPhone” — I thought to myself, ‘this is it, this is the biggest App yet and one that will dominate the mindshare of every iPhone owner on the planet’. Every week people will plunk down a dollar for a virtual scratch card and use their pudgy fingers to reveal their lucky numbers and find out instantly if they won the big jackpot. Some dreams will be granted and others crushed. But there’s always next week!

Actually, that’s exactly how Scratch ‘n Win! from Chillingo and Glyphic Entertainment works… only it’s all played with pretend money and it’s a total single player experience. Read the rest at NfamousGamers.