“Feared about Ghosts?” Who Ya Gonna Call?

pacxonBlack!Berry!, that’s who, because this isn’t a post about Ghostbusters, it’s a post about engrish! Check out the description of AppSea’s Blackberry game, Xtreme Pac-Xon:

Ghosts are all around. Feared about Ghost? There is a saying, Attack is the best defense. So remove fear, attack and finish them before you get attacked. Boost your confidence you will be able to finish Ghosts from the earth. Play Xtreme Pacxon on your Blackberry and enjoy all the fun.

So why are you waiting for? Keep pressing your Blackberry keys and destroy the ghosts. All the best!

Glorious! I have tried for years to remove fear but I never could finish Ghosts from the earth. I don’t know why I am waiting for so I’ll just blame it on the economy. If you’re at all curious about the game itself, Xtreme Pac-Xon is a shameful mashup of Pac-Man art and Qix gameplay. So take that iTunes App Store! We got shame!!

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