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Now Playing: Tori Watch (iOS, Android)


Do you like birds, but don’t want the mess and noise of having one as a pet?  Do you like birds, but don’t like sitting outside too often  to watch for them?  Well this Japanese app (game?) has solved these problems!  The app is still mostly in Japanese, but is available here. It’s called Tori Watch by ククリス・ゲームズ (Cuculis Games) and you can find it on the Google Play store and iTunes.

Even without reading Japanese many of the menus are easy to figure out.  You can upgrade the food items you feed them with to attract new types of birds.  There are info cards to tell you about them, but those are in Japanese.  Hopefully it will get translated to English someday, but until then here are some info cards I made myself.

Shawn’s Thoughts
First off, Katy’s images are fantastic! The in-game models are cute but I didn’t realize how spot on they were to the real birds until Katy put them side by side. Questioning if this is a game at all is also spot on but as the adorably translated description proclaims, “you can play it without any complicate action”. They know the score. Truthfully, the most challenging thing I’ve done is to keep my screen from timing out when new birds arrive.

Despite the simple nature of this “bird watching game to observe leisurely small birds”, it definitely follows modern mobile game design. Don’t worry, none of it involves microtransactions or hot sales on ‘Energy’, it’s supported by simple ad banners. Birds fly in, you get points. Like Katy said, you spend those points to upgrade your feed options or expand your park to accommodate more birds. There’s a journal with goals to shoot for (again, all in Japanese so I’m guessing stuff like “get a male and female on-screen at once”) but that’s about all you have to do.

It’s been a cute little diversion over the last few days and fun to poke around the Japanese menus to figure out how the game works.

Watch Dogs and the Companion: ctOS app multiplayer side-by-side

I was trying to write something up to explain the Watch Dogs Companion: ctOS app but it was spiraling towards 1,000 words which no one would ever bother to read. Instead, I spent last night setting up Xsplit, a webcam and my phone to record, side by side, the game and the app. Our dialog wound up being just slightly out of sync but the games line up pretty well and give you a clear idea of how the two work. I think it’s pretty astounding stuff.

If you are interested in trying it yourself the ctOS app is available on Android and iOS.

SingStar sequel lets you sing through your phone

052114-singstarSingStar, Sony’s long-running karaoke series, is getting a new sequel to be released this year and bringing with it at least one new trick. As seen in this trailer, the game will have a new tile-based interface to browse for songs and watch community performances but the big addition is actually a subtraction: no more microphones.

While the familiar blue and red PlayStation 3 microphones will no doubt be supported you’ll also be able to use Sony’s forthcoming SingStar app to get your voice into the game. Compatible with both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, the app is “compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones and devices”.

After a day of activity I’m not sure that my phone is up to a night of Bluetooth synched audio streaming with the screen blazing away, but it’s a nice idea. For new PS4 owners it means one less thing to think about or buy and one less barrier to entry for SingStar. Will it help make the game an even bigger seller or is it just a gimmic? I’m sure we’ll see it on display at E3 but it won’t be until people have it in their homes that we know for sure.

Windows App Store is still a wretched hive of scum and villainy


There’s been a tiny flurry of stuff happening with Windows 8 lately and that always leads me back to the ex-Metro, tiled start screen and eventually deep into the Windows Store. I found this gem among the Flappy Bird clones and recipe apps and had to share it based on the name alone.

Real Speed: Need for Asphalt Race – Shift to Underground CSR Addiction 14

It’s like some kind of sentient SEO robot spewed out a game title and it looks about like what you’d expect. It wants to be Gameloft’s Asphalt or EA’s Real Racing but from the sound of the reviews it’s barely controllable and filled with in-app purchases. It also allegedly has no desktop support so I’m not even going to try; the title alone is more than enough for me.

Xbox One SmartGlass app reveals gameplay clips, in-game currency, more

112013-smartglass2 112013-smartglass1

If you’re still on the fence about buying an Xbox One you may want to grab the new SmartGlass app for Android and iOS to get a more honest look at the console. Released ahead of Friday’s big console launch, the app lets you poke around with the launch lineup and some of the console’s features.

You can watch user-uploaded clips from some of the games (the “S-Rank (1st Level)” from Crimson Dragon is particularly revealing), check out the sleazy in-game currency that most of the titles offer, and see some of the time-based Challenge Achievements that will kick off on Friday. This is the stuff I’ve been endlessly refreshing Xbox.com in hopes of finding. The app is also much more feature rich than the previous SmartGlass app for 360 and runs much smoother.