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Beats Finally Coming to Japanese PSP

It doesn’t seem like it’d take more than a few lines of code and a price conversion to get the PSP’s Beats up on the Japanese PlayStation Store, but the process has apparently taken about six months. Known as Ascension Beat, the personalized rhythm game will make its Japanese debut on June 19th for about $8. Doesn’t look like any new features have been added, but maybe a whole new market of gamers will happen upon my Beats Go On feaure.

Beats: Robbie Williams’ Good Doctor

Here’s a cheeky little track from Euro pop star Robbie Williams. I’ve really enjoyed his Rudebox album and the fact that as big a star as he is he still has a lot of just plain odd songs. Good Doctor is definitely one of those, an upbeat number about being addicted to prescription drugs complete with a drug name rollcall. It makes for some interesting patterns in the game.

Beats: David and Dewey do Starman (Pt. 1)

I’ve got a double feature today to make up for missing a post last week and both versions are great (had to make 2 posts though so the PSP grabs ’em both). First up is the original, David Bowie’s Starman, a mellow glam rock track with whimsical sci-fi lyrics and soulful guitars and strings. Then there’s Dewey Cox’s disco cover sung by John C. Reiley in the music biopic parody Walk Hard. Surprisingly, the outer space lyrics seem a perfect match for the disco sounds and the lounge vocals.

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