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Get Funky with Sega Swirl’s Soundtrack

Thanks to Giant Bomb’s Dan Ryckert and the Demo Derby series, I was once again reminded of something I’d forgotten about; how great the music is in Sega Swirl! It’s also one of those great oddities of gaming, having only been distributed on demo discs or bundled on the Dreamcast Web Browser discs. I remember really enjoying it back in 2000 and getting much more use from it than the Dreamcast web experience.

It also had a great funky soundtrack that I quickly recorded. Though it’s lost to time now I remember emailing with Tremor Entertainment (or possibly Richard Jacques who is credited on the game) about the soundtrack. He mentioned that the music was interactive, changing with the player’s speed and performance. I swear I’ve never heard it change because the rounds are over so quickly. Regardless, it’s got a handful of great tunes and you can listen and watch along in my latest videOST playlist.

Other videOST offerings include Beetle Adventure Racing, Crash ‘n Burn, San Francisco Rush 2049, Extreme-G 2, and X-Men on the Genesis.

Dev asks gamers if it should cancel PSN version of its game

Be it a cleverly timed marketing ploy or a shrewd business decision, redspotgames has put the PlayStation Minis version of their currently-cross-platform retro racer, Rush Rush Rally Racing, on the chopping block. The deciding factor in its fate? You!

With PlayStation Network still on the outs and the game’s more completed WiiWare incarnation ready for a Summer release, redspotgames is asking gamers what to do by way of an online survey. Canceled or completed, it’s not all doom and gloom, though. As with any good online survey, participants have the chance to win redspotgames keychains and one of three copies of Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles… for Sega Dreamcast. Did I mention that Rush Rush Rally Racing was one of the last Dreamcast releases? That probably helps explain those prizes a little.

Have a look at the game at the official site and let the devs at redspotgames know what you think in their survey. Fair warning though, that link was dead at the time of this writing. Not sure if that’s a good or bad sign.


Here we go again: Sega confirms Dreamcast Collection

Practically confirmed for a while now by various game rating agencies, Sega took to the wire yesterday morning to make official their latest cartload of pyrite mined from their own past: Dreamcast Collection. Coming February 22nd to Xbox 360 and PC, the bundle includes the recently-released Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi and bolts on Sega Bass Fishing and Space Channel 5: Part 2. Sega promises enhanced graphics but they also make a big to-do about Achievements and leaderboards in the same sentence so don’t expect them to look as good as you remember them looking 10 years ago.

I know we’ve all been asking for Dreamcast games for a while but after Sonic and Crazy Taxi hit the download stores back in September it dawned on me just how hard even Sega’s own games are to go back to. As awkward as throwing in a sequel and a game that was only fun for its fishing controller are, the prospects going forward are even more unsavory. I could see a racing bundle coming soon with Daytona, Sega GT, Sega Rally 2, and 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker that I’d absolutely never pay for. Chu Chu Rocket on download with Sega Swirl thrown in would be ok. I’d probably buy a lovingly touched up Jet Set Radio. But honestly, that’s about all.

What about you? Any plans to snap this up? Dreamcast picks you’d love to be able to play again without digging out the actual console?