It Came From The Collection #9: Jet Set Soundtracks Unwrapped!


EPISODE 09: Jet Set Soundtracks Unwrapped!
I’ve had these sealed Jet Set Radio and JSR Future soundtrack CDs since the early 2000’s and only recently found out they are illicit bootlegs! So now that they’re not valuable let’s rip ‘em open and see what’s inside both soundtracks!! And sorry about the buzzing heard during some of the video, this was my first video after a long, strange break from YouTube and I forgot one crucial part of my recording setup.

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In hopes of bringing something a little more unique to YouTube I started ‘It Came From The Collection‘ to chronicle the gaming ephemera I’ve amassed over the years: flyers and pamphlets, pre-order tchotchkes, toys, posters, and all kinds of marketing paperwork. Follow the series on my channel and check out more of my collection on Instagram.

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