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Achieving: Double (Weekend) Happiness


It was a weekend of Trophy pop-ups for some very long-in-the-works accomplishments! I’ve had Guitar Hero Live since Christmas and I’d been playing it in fits and starts until the recent news about the development studio’s downsizing and restructuring. The best part of the game is it’s always-on, 24/7 streaming video channels which, naturally, will be the first money-sucking part of the game to get the axe sooner or later.

Of course there’s a progression system to the thing and Trophies tied to milestones like reaching the max level, strumming 1,000,000 times and playing for 24 hours. On Sunday I somehow managed to score 50 million cumulative points within an hour of hitting the level cap. Reaching Level 20 was all I was really after before the game gets shut down and with that scratched off the list I can focus on that one million strums thing. Man, that’s nuts.

As you are no doubt painfully aware, Spelunker World is the other game I’ve been playing for ages. Between the Japanese and US versions I’ve officially been at it for over a year as of early April and I finally — fiiiinally — accomplished two goals as old as time itself. I’ve now completed every one of the game’s 100 nightmarishly deadly levels on my own. There were a few continues used on some of the really fiendish and drawn out ones but I didn’t even blow that many Moon Stones getting through it all.

Though the benefit of teaming up in Spelunker World is immense I still stick to offline play most of the time, that’s why it’s taken this long to get ranked MVP 100 times. MVP comes from a combination of things: most points, having picked up the most keys or litho-stones and rescuing more dead players than everyone else. With more and more players topping Level 100 it’s getting harder to get MVP rank but, just like Guitar Hero, I managed it in the same weekend as finishing off the main levels.

Achieving: Tales of Pointless Self Reward in Games retold in brief posts whenever we feel like it.

“Weird Al” would love to be in Rock Band, Guitar Hero

ustreamal “Weird Al” Yankovic hosted his first ever live, Ustream, Twitter, chat/interrogation thing on Tuesday night and amidst the spontaneous, speaker-crackling yelling and incessant humming he managed to mention something about games.

Specifically, he answered a question about whether or not we’d ever see/hear any of his songs in popular music games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero (it bears mentioning that Like a Surgeon is currently available in SingStar on PlayStation 3, and I rock at it). Al responded by saying that he enjoys the games and would love to see/hear his music featured in them but that someone has to ask him first. Apparently, Al is not almighty enough to simply demand his music be included in these games so please, someone at Activision or Harmonx, hit this guy up already! His polka medlies might require some intricate licensing deals but they would be incredibly fun to play and sing, even if the guitar stands in as the accordion. And we all know it’d make Maxx’s dream game a reality. Can ya deny him that?