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I Paid $50 for a Cassette Tape in 2016


Would you look at this little beauty right here? Not only is it a Metal Gear Solid V soundtrack on a cassette tape that looks just like the ones in the game, it contains the soundtrack I’ve been after since the game was released. You know, the soundtrack I spent a week recording and editing out of the Companion App. The soundtrack that is hidden around the game’s open environments on cassette tapes tucked away in remote camps and dark corners. The soundtrack that people thank me for uploading to YouTube on a daily basis. It’s finally real, official and (most importantly) better mixed than my recording!

Somehow I missed the news and the thing’s been out in Japan for a month so I quickly jumped on the Limited Edition package this morning at Play-Asia. If there’s one playlist I’d pay $50 to hear coming out of a cassette tape in 2016, this is the one. Of course, it also comes on a CD because let’s not be totally crazy here. Expect many more photos, an unboxing video and probably a review over on OSV when it arrives in a few weeks.

On a side note, Metal Gear Solid V now has four official soundtracks: The 2-disc Original Soundtrack, the Vocal Tracks album with all the vocal themes from the series, an iTunes exclusive Extended Soundtrack with 5+ hours of music and now The Lost Tapes.

“Boss. That’s too much music.”

Kaz… I’m already an audiophile.”

Metal Gear Solid V’s Other Soundtrack is so Great

I expected to like a lot of things about Metal Gear Solid V but I was surprised to find one of its in-game soundtracks so captivating. Yes, yes, there’s a bunch of 80’s songs in the game but forget about those. You’ve heard them all before and GTA has done a better job of curating them for the last fifteen years.

‘Music Tape 1’, that’s the stuff you should check out. And now you can, because I recorded it all. I also wrote about several of the tracks over on OSV so take a look at that if you want to know more or just hit play on the video above and enjoy.

E3 2015: I never expected to hear New Order in Metal Gear Solid

Lightning hot E3 news fresh off the wire!!! Konami has announced that “a new unique licensed music track [from Metal Gear Solid V] will be revealed at the show”. I hate to jump on the Konami dogpile but it is pretty sad to see this as one of only two games the languishing publisher is talking about at E3.

On the upside, the “unique licensed music track” is none other than ‘Elegia’ by New Order. It’s one of the group’s few instrumental tracks and a rare one you wouldn’t readily dance to. It’s dark, foreboding and angry synth/rock and as a product of the mid-1980’s it fits the time and vibe of Metal Gear Solid V perfectly. I’ve long adored the song and was probably happier to hear it in the trailer than I was supposed to be.

Done Playing? Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3)


Ok, so it took me a little longer to get to this game than I expected but — alright, it’s been a year!! I can’t even explain how I justified not playing Metal Gear Solid 4 for an entire year even thought it was the only reason I even wanted a PlayStation 3 for the longest time. I finally did it though and am glad to have made it through before anything major was spoiled. Surprises, laughs, in-jokes, it was mostly all untainted even a year later.

I’m not going to do the traditional Done Playing thing and try to review the game here, inevitably dishing out spoilers of my own. Instead I thought I’d compare my Game Clear stats from Metal Gear Solid 4 to its 2004 prequel (in more ways than one) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. It was December 15th, 2004 at about 2am that I finished the game for the first time and posted my stats to Livejournal. I remember doing it because it was the very next day that I got fired from my job, but not before spending just over twenty hours traipsing around a jungle in the 60’s.

Difficulty normal
Play Time 20:18:25
Save 43
Continue 10
Alerts Raised 51
Humans Killed 196
Seriously Injured 81
Total Damage 21 life bars
Life med used 6
Plants/animals captured 25 kinds
Meals eaten 60
Special Item not used
Your title is… Crocodile

And in comparison, here’s how I fared on July 11th, 2009 having finished Metal Gear Solid 4: Sons of the Patriots.

Total Play Time 21:25:30
Continues 6
Alert Phases 58
Kills 108
Recovery Items Used 55
Weapon Types Procured 44
Flashbacks Watched 180
Special Items Used Not Used
Confer the title of… Frog

I thought for sure that MGS4 was a shorter game than Snake Eater but as far as recorded play time goes it was actually longer. It’s not by a lot but I know I spent loads more time in Snake Eater hiding in the grass and waiting, waiting, waiting for just the right time to crawl another fifteen feet. I also spent way more time than I should’ve crawling around on the ground with The End. That fight took ages. If I’d run through it at the pace that I played MGS4 my play time would probably be more like 12-to-15 hours. That’s due largely to modern game design that ruled out those horrible fixed camera angles and didn’t require me to go into a menu every ten seconds to adjust my camouflage and apply bandages.

The rest of the stats are pretty specific to each game. I’m pretty sure I didn’t tranquilize many people on my first time through Snake Eater but I set out to do just that with MGS4, totally expecting another “here’s an endless scene with all the people you killed, you big jerk” moment. I’m also not so sure about the titles. Crocodile sounds pretty sweet but I think there were way more badass ranks in Snake Eater. And no matter how many ranks there are in MGS4, Frog just doesn’t sound so cool. I crawled, crouched and tranquilized a lot but I was also spotted a lot.

I’m not sure if I’ll make it all the way through MGS4 on Hard, I know I didn’t do it in Snake Eater, but I’m going to give it a shot, if for no other reason than to keep the experience fresh in my mind until Maxx and I can do a little spoiler-filled, post-play podcast. You’ve been warned!