E3 2015: I never expected to hear New Order in Metal Gear Solid

Lightning hot E3 news fresh off the wire!!! Konami has announced that “a new unique licensed music track [from Metal Gear Solid V] will be revealed at the show”. I hate to jump on the Konami dogpile but it is pretty sad to see this as one of only two games the languishing publisher is talking about at E3.

On the upside, the “unique licensed music track” is none other than ‘Elegia’ by New Order. It’s one of the group’s few instrumental tracks and a rare one you wouldn’t readily dance to. It’s dark, foreboding and angry synth/rock and as a product of the mid-1980’s it fits the time and vibe of Metal Gear Solid V perfectly. I’ve long adored the song and was probably happier to hear it in the trailer than I was supposed to be.

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