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Metal Gear Survive interview confirms Single Player and more


In an interview with PlayStation Dengeki Magazine translated by Play-Asia a Metal Gear Survive staffer has revealed some intriguing new details. The most relevant being that there’s a single player component and it’s more difficult and stealthy than the 4-player co-op thanks to the swarms of monstrous new enemies.

Further detailing the zombie-esque horde seen in the trailer, the interviewee refers to them as “creatures” and describes the world of Survive as being similar to Ground Zeroes’ Side Ops. That specifically calls to mind the spooky Jamais Vu mission where Raiden has to identify otherworldly “snatchers” posing as human soldiers. The loading screen text for that mission may have also served as a jumping-off point for Survive. It lays out the vast possibilities for life on other planets and with wormholes involved there’s no telling who or what could be sucked into Konami’s new alternate universe.


These guys have no heads to headshot!

So far it looks like the interdimensional Hoover has only scooped up the remaining Mother Base soldiers, both dead and alive. This sets the stage for character customization which the interviewee confirms and adds that players will be able to “develop your own equipment for your own play style”. And where do you do this R&D? At the remains of Mother Base which the interviewee mysteriously refers to as the “starting base”. So will we eventually move our operations to bigger facilities or was this just a quirk of the translation?

Developing gear and building up a base are the foundation of both Peace Walker and The Phantom Pain with it all tied together by a series of repeatable missions. Survive looks to follow suit here as well with the staff member indicating an escalating flow to the gameplay.

“Enemies will be surrounding the base and may attack at certain points.” When asked for a final comment on the game they add that “we’re bringing the highly enjoyed MGSV:TPP action and following it up with a little twist where you battle non-human creatures alongside a mass of difficult missions.”

Finally, there’s some vague confirmation on just who is making Metal Gear Survive. The interviewee reveals that several Phantom Pain staff members are returning indicating that this is more than just a lavish expansion from the Metal Gear Online team.

That’s a few more answers than we had last week but it’s already painting a brighter picture for me. Metal Gear Survive looks to retain the gameplay loop I loved in The Phantom Pain but stars the cast of underdog dorks I turned into badass soldiers in Peace Walker. I know it’s popular opinion to smother the game with scorn but I honestly can’t wait to see more.

Unboxing that Metal Gear Solid V Soundtrack on Cassette Tape

So that $50 edition of the Metal Gear Solid V soundtrack arrived and I did a quick unboxing video. I’d have appreciated it more if I weren’t reeling from a migraine and struggling through the absentminded haze it brought, but here it is! Definitely a functional cassette tape packed in with another MGSV soundtrack on CD.

The album is called ‘The Lost Tapes’ and contains most of the original music found scattered around the game world. It’s my favorite collection of music from the game but it’s not the all-inclusive album I thought it was. Looking through the liner notes I finally realized what the deal must be: all the songs (and most of the credits) go to lead composer, Ludvig Forssell. ‘The Lost Tapes’ seems to be a personal production of just his music and even includes new songs not found in the game.

It’s great to finally have an official release for some of these songs and the new tunes are a nice bonus. I’ll probably be writing more about it over on Original Sound Version one of these days.

I Paid $50 for a Cassette Tape in 2016


Would you look at this little beauty right here? Not only is it a Metal Gear Solid V soundtrack on a cassette tape that looks just like the ones in the game, it contains the soundtrack I’ve been after since the game was released. You know, the soundtrack I spent a week recording and editing out of the Companion App. The soundtrack that is hidden around the game’s open environments on cassette tapes tucked away in remote camps and dark corners. The soundtrack that people thank me for uploading to YouTube on a daily basis. It’s finally real, official and (most importantly) better mixed than my recording!

Somehow I missed the news and the thing’s been out in Japan for a month so I quickly jumped on the Limited Edition package this morning at Play-Asia. If there’s one playlist I’d pay $50 to hear coming out of a cassette tape in 2016, this is the one. Of course, it also comes on a CD because let’s not be totally crazy here. Expect many more photos, an unboxing video and probably a review over on OSV when it arrives in a few weeks.

On a side note, Metal Gear Solid V now has four official soundtracks: The 2-disc Original Soundtrack, the Vocal Tracks album with all the vocal themes from the series, an iTunes exclusive Extended Soundtrack with 5+ hours of music and now The Lost Tapes.

“Boss. That’s too much music.”

Kaz… I’m already an audiophile.”

Metal Gear Solid V’s Other Soundtrack is so Great

I expected to like a lot of things about Metal Gear Solid V but I was surprised to find one of its in-game soundtracks so captivating. Yes, yes, there’s a bunch of 80’s songs in the game but forget about those. You’ve heard them all before and GTA has done a better job of curating them for the last fifteen years.

‘Music Tape 1’, that’s the stuff you should check out. And now you can, because I recorded it all. I also wrote about several of the tracks over on OSV so take a look at that if you want to know more or just hit play on the video above and enjoy.

E3 2015: I never expected to hear New Order in Metal Gear Solid

Lightning hot E3 news fresh off the wire!!! Konami has announced that “a new unique licensed music track [from Metal Gear Solid V] will be revealed at the show”. I hate to jump on the Konami dogpile but it is pretty sad to see this as one of only two games the languishing publisher is talking about at E3.

On the upside, the “unique licensed music track” is none other than ‘Elegia’ by New Order. It’s one of the group’s few instrumental tracks and a rare one you wouldn’t readily dance to. It’s dark, foreboding and angry synth/rock and as a product of the mid-1980’s it fits the time and vibe of Metal Gear Solid V perfectly. I’ve long adored the song and was probably happier to hear it in the trailer than I was supposed to be.