Metal Gear Survive interview confirms Single Player and more


In an interview with PlayStation Dengeki Magazine translated by Play-Asia a Metal Gear Survive staffer has revealed some intriguing new details. The most relevant being that there’s a single player component and it’s more difficult and stealthy than the 4-player co-op thanks to the swarms of monstrous new enemies.

Further detailing the zombie-esque horde seen in the trailer, the interviewee refers to them as “creatures” and describes the world of Survive as being similar to Ground Zeroes’ Side Ops. That specifically calls to mind the spooky Jamais Vu mission where Raiden has to identify otherworldly “snatchers” posing as human soldiers. The loading screen text for that mission may have also served as a jumping-off point for Survive. It lays out the vast possibilities for life on other planets and with wormholes involved there’s no telling who or what could be sucked into Konami’s new alternate universe.


These guys have no heads to headshot!

So far it looks like the interdimensional Hoover has only scooped up the remaining Mother Base soldiers, both dead and alive. This sets the stage for character customization which the interviewee confirms and adds that players will be able to “develop your own equipment for your own play style”. And where do you do this R&D? At the remains of Mother Base which the interviewee mysteriously refers to as the “starting base”. So will we eventually move our operations to bigger facilities or was this just a quirk of the translation?

Developing gear and building up a base are the foundation of both Peace Walker and The Phantom Pain with it all tied together by a series of repeatable missions. Survive looks to follow suit here as well with the staff member indicating an escalating flow to the gameplay.

“Enemies will be surrounding the base and may attack at certain points.” When asked for a final comment on the game they add that “we’re bringing the highly enjoyed MGSV:TPP action and following it up with a little twist where you battle non-human creatures alongside a mass of difficult missions.”

Finally, there’s some vague confirmation on just who is making Metal Gear Survive. The interviewee reveals that several Phantom Pain staff members are returning indicating that this is more than just a lavish expansion from the Metal Gear Online team.

That’s a few more answers than we had last week but it’s already painting a brighter picture for me. Metal Gear Survive looks to retain the gameplay loop I loved in The Phantom Pain but stars the cast of underdog dorks I turned into badass soldiers in Peace Walker. I know it’s popular opinion to smother the game with scorn but I honestly can’t wait to see more.

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