2010’s DDR hobbles onto Xbox 360, Shawn contemplates buying it

Put down those plastic instruments and pull that Kinect free from its USB port because the authentic music/rhythm sensation is back on Xbox 360! The same game that hit PlayStation 3 and Wii with little-to-no fanfare last November has finally made its bare bones port to Xbox 360 as of today!

I honestly don’t know why I’m writing this up aside from the $40 price point, the packed-in wireless dance pad (I don’t own a single one for a modern console, yet) and the promise of diagonal buttons that brings DDR closer to my darling Pump it Up once again. Don’t go looking for Kinect support, though, this version loses the Wii Remote/PlayStation Move support in favor of the Vision camera that limply slaps a video feed of you dancing in the background. Like I said, it’s a bare bones port this time around. Still, it has been an awfully long time since I played a new DDR title and I am doing that whole #ActiveMinute thing. Hmmm…. should I?


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