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Q-Games’ Nom Nom Galaxy launches on PlayStation 4 May 12th

Oh hi there Nom Nom Galaxy, where have you been hiding? I haven’t touched the Early Access version of the game in nearly a year and the email updates stopped coming in from the team. Turns out they’ve been posting major updates to their blog over the last few weeks which makes this surprise PlayStation 4 launch trailer a little less surprising.

Nevertheless, the console version — now running on an optimized engine with a new career mode, gear, recipes and 4-player online co-op — is launching on PlayStation 4 next Tuesday, May 12th. The Early Access version available on Steam goes for $9.99 so expect that to be the minimum price on PS4, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see it at $14.99 after a launch week or PlayStation Plus discount.

Nom Nom Galaxy gets Souped up for PS4 and Vita


When I first saw Q-Games’ Nom Nom Galaxy (then called Pixeljunk Inc.) a few years ago I was surprised it wasn’t a PlayStation exclusive. The developer was aligned with Sony at the beginning of the PlayStation 3 era and has only recently moved to PC. I’ve had fun with the Early Access PC version as it’s developed but today’s news leaves us early backers wondering where our final product is.

Announced amidst the flurry of Gamescom news is word that Nom Nom Galaxy is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita in the future and the goal is to get multiplayer working between the two platforms. Drop in co-op promises to allow friends to play together across the two consoles both online or in the same room. Asynchronous and Community challenges are also in the works and are currently lacking from the PC version.

Today’s news was only an announcement and more details are forthcoming but I hope at least some of Sony’s resources seep back into the PC version. I’d love for the original product to get similar features or at least be a final product before focus shifts to PlayStation.