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C.A.M.P. is no fun

And not the pitch a tent, bumpy ground for a bed, oh-god-there’s-a-snake-in-my-sleeping-bag kind of camping, though I’m not too fond of that either. I’m talking about PlayStation C.A.M.P., a program that Sony started in Japan in 2008 to give hopeful game makers with limited access to a design team a chance to see their dream games come to life. It’s a great idea that’s produced some captivating game concepts but so far the Creative Audition Mashup Project has left me with less money and even less rewarding gameplay.

Trash Panic and Patchwork Heroes are both products of this program and both wowed me on their art style and concepts but ultimately let me down. They’re too rigid, with Trash Panic playing like a logic puzzle with only one correct way to win and Patchwork Heroes not much different. I wanted a funky, physics-y Tetris but what I got was Boxxle. I wanted Qix with big airships to dismantle but I got, well, Qix with big airships that had to be hacked up in pretty specific ways.

With an emphasis on fresh, undiscovered talent I guess I assumed that C.A.M.P. would turn out more radical new ideas, not just clever art. Maybe the Japanese just can’t get that unshakable dedication to a perfect execution out of their collective subconsci and maybe that’s a little impromptu insight into why game design in the East continues to falter.

Milk or Dark? R-Type Tactics 2 offers Bitter Chocolate, ?’s

I tweeted about this a few weeks ago when I loaded up the Japanese PlayStation Store one morning and saw the words “R-Type Tactics 2” and “Bitter Chocolate” in the same sentence. Equally elated and intrigued I downloaded it immediately but was quickly left feeling a little apprehensive.

I’m sure there’ll be loads of the same hex-based strategy that I loved so much last year but it seems the story is heading in a direction I’m not all that excited about. From the looks of the trailer above mankind has come to an impass, butting heads with one another over some as-yet-unknown disagreement. My theory is that one side are Bydo sympathizers and the other… aren’t. So is the majority of the game going to be R-9 on R-9 action? I’m none too thrilled over the idea of the same ships going up against one another.

Thankfully, the Bydo warp into the middle of the human’s Civil War towards the end of the video making me picture some kind of ménage à trois action, although I can’t imagine how that’ll work on a 2D hex-based map. Seems crowded. We’ll find out a bit more on October 27th when the game hits Japan (on both UMD and as a download) but it’ll be a while before any localization begins… if Atlus is even planning on bringing this one stateside (please?).

Gran Turismo on a New PSP? Really?


I saw it at E3 and have known for years that Gran Turismo would one day come to the PSP and even I’m having a hard time really believing this e-mail I just received. What must Mr. and Mrs. Average Consumer America think when they see not only a “brand new” Gran Turismo coming out in just three months but a whole new PSP as well? Is it exciting and enticing enough for them to pre-order both or is it just another handheld that isn’t their iPhone?

Citroen’s C-Crosser PSP Edition isn’t a fan mod, it’s $43k for real

Does it at least come with Lumines?

Does it at least come with Lumines?

In a world where cars are built around iPods it seems like tailoring a luxury car to another multimedia handheld would be a frugal — if copycat-ish — move. So why is it I get nothin’ but a sigh and a ‘meh‘ from Citroen’s upcoming Europe-only C-Crosser Exclusive PSP Edition? For a little over $43,000 I’d expect the thing to come with its own in-dash PC capable of doing everything the PSP can, only better. At least the sticker price includes a PSP Slim, two games, a 4gb Memory Stick, and a headrest mount to entertain passengers. I personally can’t wait for the Smart Car DSi Edition.

More pre-Order goodies from Atlus for Hammerin’ Hero

I was excited about the PSP’s Carpenter Story just from the looks of it, but the full import game was a reminder of why IREM has stuck with shooters all these years. The gameplay is clever but oh-so-stiff and really frustrating, but I’m willing to give the upcoming U.S. version (dubbed Hammerin’ Hero) a chance. I’m not, however, willing to give GameStop any more of my money so I won’t be pre-ordering the game and will miss out on Atlus’ latest “Spoils”, a set of two mini figures of the game’s hero and heroine.

You, Mr. Obsessive Collector, should head to your closest GameStop store or to their website and plunk down some cash as supplies of these figures are limited and there’s a good long wait before the game’s April 7th release date.