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Now Playing: Final Fantasy VII (the 2015 version)

Now Playing: Final Fantasy VII (the 2015 version)
Vintage web design from 1997!

What’s one to do after a decades-long wait for a remake finally starts to pay off? The only sensible thing is to go back to the source material of course! Yes,I’m talking about the recent demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake which was fine and all but it just wasn’t old-school enough.

At this point I’m 39 hours into the 2015 PlayStation 4 update of Final Fantasy VII and I’m knock-knock-knockin’ on Sephiroth’s door, err, crater. It’s been fantastic to play through the game after so long and be reminded of all the characters, events, and plot points I’d completely lost track of. In my search for the fantastically overwrought summon spell — Knights of the Round — I reminded myself of something else I’d forgotten: the chocobo breeding guide and family tree that I created for Videogamers.com back when I was first playing the game.

As I was grinding out battles, trying to capture ‘Great’ and ‘Wonderful’ chocobos on my trek for the fabled Golden Chocobo, I started wondering if I actually cared about any of this in 1997 or if I just used a GameShark to unlock everything. Then the image of the family tree above came to mind and I started looking through the folder of “Old Stuff” on my laptop. After a little HTML cleanup, there it was, my silly little guide for getting a gold bird. It is definitely what I should have been doing in 1997 instead of focusing on college classes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyways, the added “cheats” in the 2015 version have been a great help for expediting this process, allowing you to triple the speed of the game or disable field encounters with the press of a button. I still spent plenty of time with the chocobos, reforging my memories from 1997 and falling for those doofy birds all over again. *WARK*

Kingdom Hearts & Disney Nerds Rejoice!

Kingdom Hearts & Disney Nerds Rejoice!

I’m a Disney fan rather than a Kingdom Hearts fan, but I love it when my fandoms collide even if it’s not something I’m into.  If you can make it over to Tokyo Disney Resort between March 26th and June 30th you could try to book these Kingdom Hearts-themed rooms!  The doors even open with a souvenir Key that looks like Sora’s Keyblade.

Check out the rest of the photos over at WDW News Today.

Original Dragon Quest hidden inside Dragon Quest XI

Original Dragon Quest hidden inside Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age just launched in Japan on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS but players have already found a special Thank You gift hidden in the game. Play-Asia’s guide starts with “after finishing the story”, which is already crazy considering the game has only been on sale for about a week.

Anyways, first you finish the game, then you take a pair of sisters back to the Tree of Life where you can watch a hidden credits video. During the video the “Spell of Restoration” appears — the password system from the Famicom and MSX versions of Dragon Quest — presenting you a download code to punch into the Nintendo eShop or PlayStation Store. Better take a screenshot before it scrolls by.

Once redeemed you’ll have your very own free copy of the original Dragon Quest that nobody else can play, sorta. Some comparisons by fans indicate that this hidden game is a port of the mobile version that’s been kicking around on smartphones since 2013. But, nobody else can play it on a PlayStation 4 (it’s totally got trophies) or Nintendo 3DS, just yet anyways.

The “Spell of Restoration” apparently has a shelf life and the free download codes hidden in Dragon Quest XI will expire on January 28th, 2018. By then I totally expect this version of Dragon Quest to be available for all to buy, followed shortly by more mobile ports of Dragon Quest 2 through 6.

If this news somehow pushed you over the edge and you’re looking to buy Dragon Quest XI, why not use our affiliate link and toss us a couple pennies? Every Blue Slime controller, 3DS faceplate, and art book sold helps keeps us going.

A quick run through Spelunker World’s NieR: Automata Update

I went ahead and grabbed the requisite update for Spelunker World over the weekend to check out the NieR goodies. After one run through the event stages and a 10x Doggie Diggin’ session I wound up with 1/20th of a 9S outfit. Yup, Spelunker World is still very much a grind. Have a look above. Brushing the dust off my Spelunker skills is hilarious on its own.

FFXIV Stormblood: Please Get Off the Server. Now.


Stormblood launched officially on the 20th, though people who pre-ordered could get in as early as the 16th. I’m really happy I chose to jump ship from a highly populated server to a saner one last month because old gaming buddies weren’t shy about showing off their screenshots of 2k+ queues. Those screenshots brought back really bad memories of WoW’s launch where you’d wait pretty much all week just to log in and play before you were randomly disconnected. Yay, MMORPG launches.