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A Look at GameLuv in 2012

Now that my 2012 recap is out of the way let’s take a look at GameLuv. WordPress compiled a fancy page of stats for anyone running their Jetpack plugin revealing that the site had 23,000 views and 69 new posts in 2012. For a site where it’s basically just me posting about Achievements and very obscure games I think that’s pretty good.

The busiest day of the year was Monday, May 7th with 201 views, the majority of which were this post about crazy Bejweled Avatar gear. I can only imagine this is thanks to the Giant Bomb effect. At some point Ryan spotted someone’s Avatar wearing this insanely shiny Bejeweled outfit and it probably sent everyone running to Google and ultimately to GameLuv. I’m glad to be your Top Google Result for weird Avatar clothing!

Our most popular posts continued getting hits in 2012. The post I made about Skylanders just before it exploded onto toy store shelves is now up to nearly 4,800 cumulative views. Dana’s nostalgic post about The Ocean Hunter from July 2010 is nearly at 2,000 views. And for whatever reason my closing thoughts on Metal Gear Solid 4 continue to draw people to the site. Thankfully, the majority of visitors to GameLuv in 2012 landed on the homepage to read whatever the top ten posts were that day.

The only disappointing stat to me is that we only got about 18 comments after you rule out all my replies. I’m no good at starting or maintaining conversations and with people flitting from Twitter to Facebook to a dozen other social sites I guess it’s to be expected. Still, it’d be nice to have a few more back-and-forths with real people to counter all the Russian spam comments I delete.

Seeing almost double the visitors to GameLuv over 2011 makes me feel great. Even though my lofty goals of retiring from a fat GameLuv paycheck have never panned out it really helps keep me going. As Katy and I branch out into YouTube (where the real pennies are at!) you may see more videos posted but I’m sure GameLuv in 2013 will continue to feature dumb Achievements, weird old games and photos of things I bought on clearance. Now that I think about that, 23,000 views sounds miraculous. Thank you all so much for visiting the site!

Stats! EA Rolls out N7 HQ, details your Mass Effect multiplayer career

Several things happened to me this year that I didn’t expect. I got into my first MMO, I got hooked on roguelikes and I spent a bunch of time playing Mass Effect 3’s Multiplayer mode. As I’m sure you know, I am not the multiplayer kind of gamer. I like stats, not leaderboards, so the whole “I got most kills” bragging stuff doesn’t entice to me. I didn’t play it for long (22 hours, apparently) but I did come to enjoy it until I got bored with the handful of maps and the repetitive waves of enemies. Oh, and the constant nudging to spend money on capsule toys full of junk.

I only bring it up today because EA has rolled out it’s stat-focused N7HQ site and I remembered my Origin login to get inside. I’m surprised I managed to rank so high; I’m usually in the millions on leaderboards and I haven’t touched the game in months. What you see here was the most interesting stuff but you can dig into your character roster, all the way down to your current multiplayer character skill trees. I tell ya, me and that Level 14 Female Sentinel had fun detonating tech armor and taking guys down with only a pistol and Warp.

Microsoft shows your stats on Xbox Rewards

What you see above is the stuff that sites like Raptr, Giant Bomb and others have been trading in for years: gameplay statistics. So it’s more than a little surprising to see this kind of data coming directly from Microsoft but that’s one of the new features they’ve rolled out through their Xbox Rewards site. The free service that I’ve written about a few times before now offers personal stats, though what you see here is about the extent of it. Nothing too surprising — I watch Netflix a lot and accidentally click on Zune sometimes — but the ‘Time Spent’ breakdown is interesting both in its total lack of Multiplayer minutes and that time in late February I spent 23 hours gaming. That’s probably Fallout: New Vegas’ fault there.

Got some stats of your own? Share a screenshot! They’re really only interesting when you compare yourself with others, a feature I just requested Xbox Rewards to think about adding.