Microsoft shows your stats on Xbox Rewards

What you see above is the stuff that sites like Raptr, Giant Bomb and others have been trading in for years: gameplay statistics. So it’s more than a little surprising to see this kind of data coming directly from Microsoft but that’s one of the new features they’ve rolled out through their Xbox Rewards site. The free service that I’ve written about a few times before now offers personal stats, though what you see here is about the extent of it. Nothing too surprising — I watch Netflix a lot and accidentally click on Zune sometimes — but the ‘Time Spent’ breakdown is interesting both in its total lack of Multiplayer minutes and that time in late February I spent 23 hours gaming. That’s probably Fallout: New Vegas’ fault there.

Got some stats of your own? Share a screenshot! They’re really only interesting when you compare yourself with others, a feature I just requested Xbox Rewards to think about adding.

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