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Xbox Avatars, What is going on?!

While the beloved (?) Xbox Avatars had to sneak into their own deprecated little Xbox One app, the party is weirder than ever back on Xbox 360. I spent a few minutes poking around the ‘#trending‘ section of the Avatar Store and found pricey homages to Grumpy Cat, Wrecking Ball, Turn Down for What and more.

You can check them out on the Avatar Store website and even see your own Avatar model them right here.

Game Music Bundle 8 is Launched! Go get it!


Yes! Yes! Yes! The Game Music Bundle 8 is out and it includes one of my favorite soundtracks from 2012 that I have shamefully never bought. Once known as ‘Zombies.’ the game has since been rebranded as ‘Corporate Lifestyle Simulator’ and its soundtrack has swollen in the process. For as little as a dollar you’ll also get the soundtracks from The Sailor’s Dream, Gods Will Be Watching, Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake and Super Time Force.

For $10 you’ll get fourteen more soundtracks including FTL Advanced Edition, Lovely Planet, Majestic Nights, Double Fine’s Hack ‘n Slash and all the rest of those I don’t feel like typing out because I’m rocking out to “Zombies” right now.

Boom Ball brings block breaking body bounding to Xbox One, today

Released amid the rampant consumerism and crippling food comas of this holiday weekend is a new Xbox One digital game: Boom Ball for Kinect. I know, it’s hard to think positively about Kinect’s motion controls but this $10 download is like a pleasant cross between Boom Blox and Breakout. It looks like a perfect low impact, low cost game to help recover from the festivities or show off that new Xbox One.

That reminds me: I beat Tamagotchi!


As I turn 37 I’m getting to the point where I can’t always rely on the memories in my head. I was digging back through some old GameFusion stuff and this photo confirms what I was pretty sure I’d done: I beat Tamagotchi.

After I’d raised my little space pet and sent him back home I couldn’t bring myself to pull the battery out or reset it so I stashed it with Bowser up on a shelf in my room. It sat there for what feels like years, blinking happily across its LED cosmos. One day I started hearing this periodic beeping sound but I could never pinpoint where it was coming from as the beeps were spread hours apart.

I must’ve been reaching for something or organizing a shelf because I was finally close enough to hear the beep coming from my Tamagotchi. This is where my memory fails me again. I can’t remember if the screen had gone dark or if it had reset itself and there was a new hatching egg waiting for me. I do remember never playing the thing again after that. It’s a lot of responsibility and I’m sure I was way too busy reviewing Dreamcast games to take care of another solar pet.

Commander Cherry wants you to pose for him

Ever the sucker for games that point cameras at my dumb face, I’m happy to inform the world about Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey. Like Leedmees on Xbox 360 and upcoming rival, Fru, Commander Cherry requires you to stand up and strike poses to create bridges and platforms for a 2D character. Where Leedmees was more like Lemmings and Fru has a gorgeous visual style, Commander Cherry looks to revel in dumb-itude.

Despite the similar gameplay elements they both look different enough to be equally appealing. Fru’s stages all take place on a single screen with an emphasis on puzzle solving. Cherry’s stages scroll like a traditional platformer with glowing pick-ups suggesting the shape you need to take. I could get into both as long as they don’t release around the same time. There’s only so much mild physical activity I can handle after all.

I’ll probably have more to post about Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey as it nears its “2015” release on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

This Week on YouTube: How Did I Never Play Star Control 2!?

It’s time we stopped playing around with these modern games and got back to what really matters: The 3DO.

I was reminded by a friend that I had promised months ago to finally play Star Control 2. It was a game I’d only ever had a demo of in the 90’s and never managed to buy. Turns out, at some point I did wind up with a disc-only copy that’s been sitting around for years now.

Man, Star Control 2 is great! Half of the things I love about Mass Effect 2/3 and FTL were laid down in this game! You can check out my first blush with the full game here. I’ve also got another installment of Prison Architect up where things really start growing and another recap of the week’s PlayStation Mobile releases.

This Week on YouTube: More stuff that isn’t ArcheAge but also ArcheAge

That ArcheAge. That’s one helluva game. I tried to record some games that weren’t ArcheAge but I just ended up recording ArcheAge instead. If you are interested in the MMO I’ve got three relatively short episodes where I try to cover all the different stuff you can do in the game. (Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3)

I did manage to pull myself away from the game long enough to start a series with Prison Architect which I finally picked up in a bundle. If you like trying to stave off complete chaos while choosing the texture of your floors it’s worth a look. And even though I haven’t posted here each week I’ve managed to (mostly) keep up with my PlayStation Mobile series.

Katy hasn’t posted a lot on her channel recently but since my last update here she did record some play time with Tomodachi Life. She’s got two parts up; here and here.

This Week on YouTube: Some stuff that isn’t ArcheAge

You… tube? What’s that about? What’s this “internet” I’ve been hearing about in Faction Chat? All is ArcheAge nowadays. Though Katy and I are hopelessly lost to Trion’s latest MMO we did get some other stuff up on YouTube over the last two weeks.

I’ve been keeping up with the PlayStation Mobile marketplace on the Vita, highlighting interesting looking games and making a good dramatic reading of their descriptions. Meanwhile, Katy spent some time (and several episodes) with the free web game, Gridland. It’s an interesting combination of resource gathering and RPG-esque development played out in Bejeweled.

ArcheAge Travelogue: Wet Work on the High Seas


While the vast majority of ArcheAge’s underwater terrain is simply empty peaks and trenches, there’s loads to find down there. Oysters and abalone can be harvested for some quick gold and shipwrecks randomly spawn treasure chests that can be brought to the surface and salvaged. There’s a volcanic field of steam vents I haven’t been able to explore yet and plenty of high level enemies to skirt around or be slaughtered by. That probably explains why I keep finding long-lost trade packs at the bottom of the sea.

Unlucky trade runners get caught by seabug mobs or giant jellyfish and the pack they were hoping to sell overseas for a hefty profit or rare crafting materials slowly sinks as they respawn back on shore. That was apparently the case with this pack that took me a few attempts to drag out of enemy territory and swim to the surface. My boat has oxygen tanks but once you reach the trade pack you have to swap backpack items. Without breathing potions or buffs it’s always a frantic speed-swim to see if you can make it back to the surface before dying yourself.

archeage-sunkenpack2   archeage-sunkenpack3

This one wasn’t too much of a problem to cash in. In less time than it would’ve taken to grow the ingredients to make these trade goods myself I brought it up, sailed to shore and rode it into town for a spot of gold.

ArcheAge Travelogue: Surprise! Free Money!


The part of town in ArcheAge known as Vilanelle is ridiculously picturesque. It’s like walking into a traditional Japanese painting with huge, rounded mountain spires, stepped rice paddies, and deep red pagodas and temples dotted everywhere. I’d tried climbing those mountains in the beta with the basic glider and just ended up falling down a lot. But with my Ultimate Glider and some downtime between crop harvests I decided it was time to try again.

Hopping from one outcropping to another, using the glider’s upward boost ability to get some extra lift, I finally reached the top of a mountain. Naturally, all I found were other peoples crops. It costs money to have a farm of your own in ArcheAge so people will go out of their way to hide their secret gardens in what they think are remote locations. Trust me, I haven’t found a single corner in this game where there weren’t crops planted or other players dashing by, no matter how secluded it seems to be.

Anyways, I kept circling the edges up there, just looking to see what I could see, when my mouse cursor slid over something odd. It was too small on the horizon but the pop-up said ‘Falcorth Snowlion Yarn’. Surely people aren’t growing livestock up here too? I drew closer, aware that the item was on a pretty steep slope. Oh! It’s a trade pack of Snowlion Yarn! I looked around for a while, expecting the owner to come bounding down the mountaintop as well, but no one ever showed. Maybe they were trying to transport it on an airship and fell to their death, leaving the pack behind when they respawned. Where the tooltip would normally say the owner’s name it only said ‘Free Loot’ or ‘Free Goods’, something like that.

With Katy standing by in case I also fell and died, I managed my way down the mountain and rode the pack over another map to turn it in for 4 gold. That money will go towards replacing the trade pack that was stolen from my dead body when we were trying to finish our large farm. It was a heartbreaking ambush I wish I’d handled better. I may not tell that story. Anyways, it all worked out… except for whoever made the Snowlion Yarn. Sorry about that.