GameLuv PodShots for March 29th, 2009!

The first real episode!? YES! Talkshoe is a little wonky sometimes and we messed up last week’s recording but we got this one right! We talk about GTA Chinatown Wars, Off Road Velociraptor Safari, Henry Hatsworth, BigFishGames, and many more! You can listen right here or go to our page at to subscribe via iTunes or RSS! Let us know what you think!

Also, I just added a Podcast page to the site where you can listen to any episode through the embeded widget without ever leaving our lovely site!

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  • You guys sound fine. The opening was awful, but that’s how we all sound when we’re getting “talk” radio off the ground. I did. Ty did. Everybody.
    Once you got rolling — great!
    I would suggest that you not put out too mcuh personal information –“My brother stole it for drugs.”‘
    Don’t correct – “more than once a week” no one listening knows or cares and it interrupts the flow.
    Think about the one person who’s listening. No matter how many people hear you, each is only 1 listener. Nice to hear you two having a conversation, but don’t forget you’re explaining it to Ralph or Judy. (Bad examples, but you know)Bin whoever.
    Anyway, you two are fine!!

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  • I loves the break about Bonk. It was one of the first games I downloaded for the Virtual Console for my Wii.

    I remember when I was a kid going over to my neighbors house, and they somehow were able to afford a TG-16 and games. We would spend days during the summer playing Bonk and Splatterhouse.