PodShot: Oh, the Disappointments we have Played!

Special guest and friend Robert, from NfamousGamers.com, joins me for a talk about several games that crushed our spirits, demolished our expectations or just plain sucked! I’d list some here but that’s half the surprise! And don’t forget to subscribe, follow, and comment at our official Talkshoe page!

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  • Great show! Except for that part about Eternal Darkness. Soon as I heard that mentioned I went temporarily deaf. Nothing bad was said about it right? Nothing bad was said, right!?!?

    I’d put Too Human near the top of my list. Coming off of Eternal Darkness, I had really high expectations for it. I forced myself to play through the Too Human demo 3 times but still couldn’t find any enjoyment from it. (Denis, go back to what works!)

    Mass Effect would be really high too. I bought into the lore and hype (even bought the novel). I also bought the deluxe edition (something I never do). Probably never gonna do that again. When the AI runs around like monkeys and combat devolves into total chaos every single encounter, you know the game you’re playing is only halfway cooked. Nevermind all the framerate issues, texture glitches, and overall bugginess. I could have overlooked that stuff if the gameplay actually worked.

    I’m going to stop myself before I get too carried away. I’ll just throw in one last major disappointment. Nothing really needs to be said about it that hasn’t been said already. Zelda 2.

  • ShawnS

    I know! Like I said on the show, I thought he was going on about Eternal Champions, I just couldn’t fathom that he said Darkness! I didn’t even know he felt that strongly against it but I think it was more the visual end didn’t hold up for him when all the rest of the game was pretty original. Still though, I could get just as creeped out by it now as I did then.

  • That was pretty funny how you thought it was another game at first. At first I thought “wow, he’s just gonna let that slide?”

    I can get down with not being crazy about the visuals. I saw the original N64 game at E3 and thought it looked pretty good. I then was shown the GameCube version the next year and thought it looked horrendous. I asked the guy presenting the game if the graphics engine was the same one they used from the N64 build. He claimed everything had been overhauled and not just ported. I got it on tape somewhere actually. I should digitize that someday and post it.

    Anyway, the graphics aren’t real hot in that game, but I got over that in about 2 seconds when I finally played it. The animation and art style totally won me over. The music and creepy sound effects were awesome too. And the camera angles! It used automatic, non-adjustable angles. I normally hate that, but they did it masterfully in my opinion. Easily put the fixed camera angles in the Resident Evil games to shame.

    *calm down, Maxx*

    Ok I’ll stop. I’ll save my ED praise for another day. (btw I’m the nut that beat it 3 or 4 times just to see all of the endings)

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