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Long lost love for the Atari Jaguar and Sega Saturn


Another week, another batch of old games to check out, but first: the games that never were. While Psygnosis blasted the PlayStation with dozens of games, several projects fell through for various reasons. Entropy, Elric and Parasite were three of these from the mid-90’s although Parasite was later found to have made it to the PC as Ar’Kritz the Intruder.

Three ghosted games that would surely have been the 32X’s saving grace were Jet Ski Rage, Virtua Hamster, and Heavy Machinery. All three hold the distinction of disappearing from multiple platforms; Jet Ski Rage and Virtua Hamster were both Saturn projects that never happened while Heavy Machinery made its jump from the Genesis before petering out of existence.

Onto actual games, it was a Jaguar-heavy week as I finally gave up hope of playing these titles and settled for just watching. Power Drive Rally is a fantastic looking 2D, top-down rally game with some impressive sprites. I found this honestly positive review of the ill-fated 3D fighter, Fight for Life. Blue Lightning for the Jaguar CD moves a lot smoother and faster than I had expected. And lastly is Phear whose earliest screenshots looked eerily like Tetrisphere on the Nintendo 64. Turns out, Nintendo saw the up-and-coming Jaguar game and swooped in to lock it down as an N64 exclusive.

hydlide 1It was also a Saturn-heavy week as I finally got around to watching Scavenger’s unique Scorcher and AMOK. I always liked their impressive visuals but neither appealed to me enough to buy; watching them now I feel pretty much the same way. Then I dug up Classic Game Room’s review of Gran Chaser (Cyber Speedway) which I can only praise for its sweet Syd Mead designed hover vehicles. I also started watching The Fanciest Bard’s playthrough of the much-maligned Virtual Hydlide and a funny thing happened… I bought the game. So look forward to my own series once it arrives!

Crazy Taxi: City Rush might maybe be cool?


HEY MAN! WHY DON’T YOU JUST COME ON DOWN AND MAKE SOME CRAAAAZY MONEY… for Sega. Right? I mean, this “free to download” Crazy Taxi: City Rush just has to be full of in-app purchases, right? Coming soon to Android and iOS, it’s not the “wide variety of adrenaline-fueled missions, wild challenges and unique areas” that worries me, it’s the “customize your cab to increase its power and visual appeal”. It kinda reeks of “pay us money if you want a high score”.

Still, it’s hard to argue with the words of Crazy Taxi creator, Kenji Kanno, who’s back on board for City Rush. “We are delivering a truly fun game that captures everything our fans love about the original and infusing it with several new features to create an even more fantastic and memorable experience.”

I dunno, one of my favorite things about the original was hearing people demand I take them to Kentucky Fried Chicken, not ‘U.S. Attire’. Also, The Offspring. If nothing else, this new announcement has spurned Sega into giving away the iOS and Android port of the original Crazy Taxi so go grab that before they jack the price back up.

Sega reveals elaborate Three Kingdoms strategy arcade betting game

101713-worldofthreeAt the recent ‘Sega Private Show 2013’ in Japan the company showed off some upcoming arcade titles including the incredibly inexplicable ‘The World of Three Kingdoms’. It’s like real-time strategy meets the Three Kingdoms inside of Derby Owners Club and, naturally, it’s never coming out of Japan.

I don’t know much about the game itself but there seems to be a lot of betting and brightly colored, domed buttons. Not wanting to get too excited for a game I’ll never play, I didn’t bother translating any details but I did embed this flashy trailer if you want to see the game in action.

Bandcamping: Club Needlemouse by RobKTA

Since I found out about GameChops and DJ Cutman over a year ago I’m always looking forward to new releases. Club Needlemouse is a new collaborative effort from RobKTA with the interesting concept of remixing “the tunes from Sonic series with the style of electronic music that was popular when the original games were released”.

Funk, acid-jazz and disco house meet Sonic melodies from the original up through the as-yet-unreleased Sonic Lost World. Having grown up with Club Sega, ‘They Call Me Sonic’, and H.W.A.’s SuperSonic I think Club Needlemouse works perfectly. Have a listen in the player above; the album is available now through bandcamp and Loudr.

Sega has a CRUSH on 3DS

Original PSP trailer, in case you forgot

Amidst the hidden-object games for PC and the expletive-laden console shooters in this week’s ‘You, Me and the ESRB‘ show I found confirmation of CRUSH 3D. You may remember it as simply CRUSH when it was released in 2007 on PSP. Sega and Zoe Mode are dusting off the source code and slapping it on the 3DS for an expected release in 2011 depending on just how dirty that code is. The ESRB rating summary confirms the return of the 2D/3D puzzle platforming gameplay of the original with “cartoony” characters, giant cockroaches, and, uhh, Mild Cartoon Violence. Elsewhere, the BBC’s Barney Harwood of Blue Peter fame (I have no idea who that is or what that is) recently made a trip to Sega to see the game and was reportedly super impressed.

“It was a fun day” said Marc Tourle, game designer at Zoe Mode. “We created an avatar just for Barney, so he could see himself running around a Crush 3D level. And we all got Blue Peter badges to boot!”

What on Earth are these people talking about? Anyways, Crush 3D is yet another old game that’s getting an exploitative update for the 3D handheld but in this case it might not be such a bad thing. I think a lot of people missed out on what looked like a unique, brain-tweaking puzzle game in 2007… myself included.