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Pillow Fort Sim ‘Fort Meow’ out now on Steam


I just happened to be looking at Steam’s new release page today and noticed that one of my Top Twenty IGF games of the year is out and on sale. Fort Meow is a delightfully cute and clever game of “physics based pillow fort building” or as I put it “Angry Birds in reverse”.

Each round sees you placing pillows, tables, brooms and other household items to fend off overzealous lap cats so Nia can investigate her grandfather’s journal. It’s a little madcap overall but in the preview build I played the story was getting surprisingly touching in that ‘Up’ kind of way.

Fort Meow is out now on Steam for $7.99 and is on sale for 20% off until July 1st.

SpinTires sales at nearly 500,000 copies

How is this so captivating?

How is this so captivating?

Forget all the hype going on around E3, it’s time to talk about something important: getting giant trucks stuck in the mud and then getting them unstuck again. That’s right, SpinTires news! It’s been one year since the truck-in-mud simulator launched on June 13th, 2014 and the folks behind it wanted to share some stats. As a fan of the game (who still can’t explain why he loves it so much) I’m happy to pass along the figures.

As of today nearly half a million copies of the game have been sold; 455,000 in total with 310,000 copies sold on Steam and another 145,000 at retail. Though the game is set in the rugged forests of a fictional 1980’s Russia, only 13% of those who bought the game are in Russia. There’s a few more stats to mull over in the accompanying infographic and if any of this has persuaded you in the slightest, SpinTires is currently 33% off as part of Steam’s Summer Sale. Go grab it, you’ll probably maybe love it!

Top-down, Side-scrolling Aces of the Lufwaffe hurts my brain


Verticality makes perfect sense for arcade games; the less width each machine takes up, the more you can cram side by side. It makes even more sense for arcade shooters, providing more space to see the bullet hell ahead of you. Home versions of these games, however, have struggled with reshaping that vertical presentation to fit square CRTs and now widescreen formats. The best solutions have been to shrink down the game to fit the height of the TV screen or to physically turn the TV on its side.

Aces of the Luftwaffe takes that less-than-ideal physical solution and applies it to the game itself, rotating the vertical shooter action on its side. I’m no shooter historian but this is the first top-down shmup I can think of that scrolls left to right and it’s a little unsettling to see in action. It wasn’t designed this way from the beginning — Aces has been around on mobile devices since 2008 — but it’s a clever twist that lets the action fill the screen instead of being shrunk down. It also looks like a hearty challenge and is currently $4.99 on PlayStation 4 and Steam. Or check it out for free on iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone or the Amazon app store.

For the love of SNES, go grab the Humble Weekly bundle!


Hey you guys! Go and buy the Humble Weekly Bundle: Japan Edition right now and play Gigantic Army if nothing else! Created in the spirit of “Cybernator / Assault Suits Valken, Metal Warriors, and Front Mission: Gun Hazard” it has all the stuff that made me desperately want a SNES in the 90’s. Giant mech suits, guns with elaborate model numbers/codenames, huge sprites, giant explosions and a war with an overpowering alien race.

On Easy it’s about 35 minutes long but  it’s a fun nostalgic ride all the way and it leads to three extra difficulty modes that are sure to remind you of what those 90’s era SNES games were really like: brutal. The bundle also includes Unholy Heights, a fun little game that combines weird monsters, hotel management and some light strategic combat with a Katamari/Animal Crossing vibe. It’s one of the best bundles I’ve bought in a while and there’s even more stuff if you pay a little more. Check it out, T-minus 2 days and counting as of this post!

Minigolf goes to Columbia in Vertiginous Golf


“Vertiginous Golf is a physics-based, first person exploratory mini-golf game, set in an alternate, steampunk-infused world where life on the ground is enveloped in permanent smog, constant darkness and never-ending rain. Players chip and putt their way around courses floating high above the clouds with complex machinery and Victorian-era décor, as they slowly discover what the hell is going on in this peculiar place.”

That’s a helluva thing. While the big news is Vertiginous Golf’s “community driven” debut on Steam Early Access, all I care about is the “exploratory mini-golf”, Burnout-style aftertouch control, and gilded automaton hummingbird. I’ll pass on it for now but I’m keeping my eye out for the “final release” headline.

What’s the deal with golf anyways? It’s the one genre of games I never tire of being completely terrible at.