OF 2022: My Top Nine of Instagram

‘Of 20XX’ is my attempt to look back and catalog the previous year of gaming in my life. I haven’t done the “Best Of” category stuff in a long time so what you’ll find over this week is a recounting of what I played (oh, and took pics of) in 2022 with a mini review or personal anecdote, continuing today with a look at my Instagram posts.

How active was I on Instagram this year? Well, my Top 9 of 2021 pic was included in my Top 9 of 2022 pic, so you can probably guess. I made an attempt to get back into regular posting but I just didn’t have the energy or interest in our collection to keep it going this year.

To be honest, just browsing Instagram came after I’d exhausted everything else on my phone, or I was killing time on a car ride or waiting in line. I still love the retrogaming communities on Instagram, it was definitely not because of them, but me continuing to fall off of social media in general.

Nevertheless, I’m still happy to see my office redecorating pics made it into the list as well as my dalliances with Virtual Boy emulation and the RetroArch core’s support of Red/Blue anaglyph 3D. I should really get back to that some day. I’m also surprised to see that the cats made it into the list with Liara and Varric both riding my lap at dinner one day, hoping for junk food snacks.

I think I said the same thing last year but here’s to more energy in 2023 for Instagram posts! …unless we all hate Instagram in 2023. Maybe we all get super back into Flickr or something.

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