Club Nintendo Conveniently Ignores Some Registered Games

So I was cleaning up some old bookmarks today and stumbled upon that Product Registration Promotions page again only this time it went to the honest-to-God Club Nintendo America. A few screens later I had my account linked to Club Nintendo and I had… zero coins!? How can this be!!? I’ve registered dozens of games and consoles over the years and… oh wait, look there’s some “pending activity” over here.
Turns out that of all the stuff I’ve registered only a handful of games and hardware qualify for Club Nintendo coins because, conveniently enough, only select titles have a survey attached to them. They can’t give this stuff away without first collecting some user data and they can control how many coins pop out of the Club Nintendo question block by attaching surveys to only their latest releases.

The farthest back I got was Tetris DS from early 2006. Anything before that (and even some stuff afterwards) is like a regular old block that simply disintegrates into nothing once you pound your head against it. But the rewards are totally worth buying a handful of new games. A Club Nintendo branded Game & Watch Collection for DS? Sign me up! The other rewards aren’t half bad either but I may squirrel away my coins for something even more exclusive down the road. So, anyone else sign up for Club Nintendo yet?