Y’s Books I & II Arranged Soundtrack: Soooo Tempting!

I turned a corner in my life in 2008. When I worked at Blockbuster Video I took every opportunity to swipe unneeded swag from the Game Rush side, squirreling away all kinds of printed materials and even instruction manuals and art inserts. The goal was to make money by reselling the stuff to collectors and fans but I ended up feeling attached to cardboard standees, counter displays, keychains, and assorted trinkets.

I’ve still got too much of the stuff but I’ve been posting the worthwhile things on eBay, scanning the paper materials, and tossing everything I can. I still feel the lusty desire to own “limited edition” swag and massive Collector’s Edition game releases, but I’ve finally managed to cut off the impulse to splurge.

That said, it’s extremely hard to resist this newly announced Legacy of Y’s: Books I & II Arranged Soundtrack that’s only available by pre-ordering the upcoming DS game. Thankfully, while I managed to curb my swag-buying urges in 2008, my hatred of GameStop and their pre-order scams only solidified. Swag is the only reason I’d ever put money down on a game anymore and since I don’t need more junk crowding my life, I can easily appreciate the swag from a safe distance.