Y’s. The Ideal… MMORPG?

ysmmoBefore you totally flip out on Falcom, rest easy knowing that Y’s Online: The Call of Solum isn’t the end-of-the-line for the series. It was created with help from Falcom but the team is most  definitely at work on Y’s Seven which has taken a cue from Final Fantasy and will probably be spun off into several loosely connected titles. Meanwhile, Call of Solum will bring European PC owners all the joy and grinding of any other MMORPG with features that tout astounding Player Vs. Player, item enchanting and crafting, and of course, hundreds of fetch quests.

The closed beta has just expanded to Spain, France, and Germany but with Key to Play, a European gaming portal, at the helm it may be quite a while before it makes an official domestic appearance. I don’t know what the sign up process involves but both Key to Play’s and Y’s Online’s sites are in english. Me? I’ll just assume this is another MMORPG that I don’t understand and won’t ever appreciate and patiently await the innevitable Y’s Seven Puyo Puyo game.

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