♫ Happy Holidays from Game Land!

Happy holidays everyone! In honor of the season I’ve loaded up a small playlist of holiday themed songs from a handful of games for those of you not yet sick of hearing sleigh bells and holly, jolly tunes in every store you walk into. Click the right-hand arrow buttons to change tracks and enjoy!

Christmas Eve by Shinobu Tanaka from Animal Crossing
A playful little tune that leads up to the big day when all your anthropomorphic buddies give you plants or pitfalls.

Snow Mountain by Koji Kondo from Super Mario 64

This one really doesn’t sound that “snowy” but after ten years it’s become synonymous with all things wintery.

Stalk ‘n Roll by Chuck E. Meyers from Twisted Metal
Who says Christmas music has to be happy?! This track shamelessly abuses the Jingle Bells melody to add a creepy vibe to an already creepy there’s-a-psycho-stalking-me-through-this-empty-town song.

Spring Valley Christmas: Dream Bells – by Naofumi Hataya from Christmas NiGHTS
Here’s the real test this holiday season. Can you handle yet another take on Jingle Bells? Sure you can, cause this one’s from a video game, not from some washed up DJ doing a remix for a Macy’s commercial!

Super Mario’s Sleigh Ride by OneUp Mushrooms
Just wonderful. Thanks guys!