Gaia Online

Technically, Gaia Online is more of an online community with games in it, than it is a game. My friend’s daughter told her about it and then my friend told Gren & I.

Gameluvgirl @ gaia

Grr stupid sign in the way!

I think I am a lot more into it though, but it is stereotypically girly in many ways. You can dress up your avatar, plays games for gaia gold, chat, post to forums and all that.
My current favorite thing is to go around in the “towns” game with my avatar and collect bugs (to make ink), flowers (to make bouquets) and paper wads (to make paper hats). Yeah, it’s not vital to my existance, but I am having fun.

Here I am angry because all the paper wads are stuck behind a sign where I can’t reach them. Grrr