E3 Advisory: Nintendo Swag may kill You!

Forget Swine Flu’s foreboding shadow lingering over E3, Nintendo is all worried about last year’s epidemic; lead paint. There’s a notice on Nintendo.com about these deadly lapel pins that have been given out to business associates and sold at the Nintendo World store between 2004 and 2007. Found to contain excessive levels of lead paint, Nintendo is asking for all pins to be returned by mail… directly to me. I promise I won’t put them anywhere near my mouth, I just want to display these next to my collection of other Nintendo junk! Check this link for more info if you’re afraid of the trinkets in YOUR closet.


For those at E3 right now there’s a dreadful lesson to be learned from these seemingly innocent, arguably cute trinkets of doom! Originally posted at NfamousGamers.com

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