Milk or Dark? R-Type Tactics 2 offers Bitter Chocolate, ?’s

I tweeted about this a few weeks ago when I loaded up the Japanese PlayStation Store one morning and saw the words “R-Type Tactics 2” and “Bitter Chocolate” in the same sentence. Equally elated and intrigued I downloaded it immediately but was quickly left feeling a little apprehensive.

I’m sure there’ll be loads of the same hex-based strategy that I loved so much last year but it seems the story is heading in a direction I’m not all that excited about. From the looks of the trailer above mankind has come to an impass, butting heads with one another over some as-yet-unknown disagreement. My theory is that one side are Bydo sympathizers and the other… aren’t. So is the majority of the game going to be R-9 on R-9 action? I’m none too thrilled over the idea of the same ships going up against one another.

Thankfully, the Bydo warp into the middle of the human’s Civil War towards the end of the video making me picture some kind of ménage à trois action, although I can’t imagine how that’ll work on a 2D hex-based map. Seems crowded. We’ll find out a bit more on October 27th when the game hits Japan (on both UMD and as a download) but it’ll be a while before any localization begins… if Atlus is even planning on bringing this one stateside (please?).

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