Video Game Market Set for Significant Extraordinary Growth Beyond Predictable Factors!!

Holy shit that headline — which is totally authentic — makes me hot and I don’t even know why! It’s like the line someone would use in a movie to explain just how badly an alien race could kick mankinds’ ass!

The news itself is nothing new. A study by Jon Peddie Research says the industry is once again set for growth thanks to new consoles, new revenue models (pay-to-play MMO’s and Xbox Live Arcade) and new genres of games (from the Wii to co-op stuff like Army of Two). This, of course, will attract new consumers.

” The worldwide market for video game software in 2005 was over $15 billion and is expected to double to $30 billion by 2011.”

But wasn’t everyone predicting gaming’s downfall just last winter? Funny how a console transition sends analysts and investors into a frenzy.