E3 Stragglers: Eat Them! (PSN)

This is one of those games that had such a minuscule showing at E3 that I don’t think anyone who was actually there even saw it. All the coverage I’ve seen has come from fan sites and forums, not a little unlike this one! The name is what first grabbed me and it’s not too shabby of a mission statement. At the start you create a monster from loads of parts and then rampage around a city trying to cause as much damage as possible. The catch is that your power is constantly draining and you can only refill it by devouring the skittering humans at your feet. Striking a balance between devastation and dinner sounds like it might be fun and the up-to-four-player competitive and co-op modes could make Eat Them! a new party game favorite. Oh yeah, it’s offline, split-screen play only.

It doesn’t support 3D displays and it won’t be playable with Move but, ya know, sometimes all you need is a really simple concept to have fun. At the right price Eat Them! could be another cult hit for the PlayStation Network like PAIN or Flower.

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