Plants vs Zombies shambles onto your DSi as a download

As it just came out on Monday the 14th (and I’m writing this the same day) I’m having a hard time determining if this surprise downloadable DSiWare version of Plants vs Zombies is the same as the recently released retail DS cart. The PR copy reads the same with both versions featuring “five game modes and… four all-new mini-games,” but the DSiWare copy will save you a trip to the store and only costs 800 Nintendo Points ($8). In comparison, the physical version still retails for $20.

This puts the game one step closer to total platform domination having now appeared on PC and Mac, iOS, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, Nintendo DS and now DSiWare. That only leaves the Wii, Android, PSP and… Linux before you have no excuse to have never owned a version of Plants vs Zombies. That is, unless you’re a human-among-the-undead like me and just don’t like the game. Great soundtrack though.


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