Kinect demo reveals the horrible secret of NBA Baller Beats

Oh cool, there’s a demo of NBA Baller Beats for Kinect. That’s nice, so now people can see for themselves how the game — hey, wait! How can I play the demo without a basketball? Turns out that while the game comes with its own Spalding brand ball designed for the game “NBA Baller Beats is so advanced that it can detect just about any similar sized ball.”

Well the cat’s out of the bag now Majesco, you just deflated (eh, eh?) your own market. Now all I need is a used copy of the game disc and the Baller Beats world is mine to exploit. I’m thinkin’ inflatable globe, Spongebob hi-bounce playground ball, maybe even a regulation dodge ball. Game getting too easy? Hell, I’ll try bouncing a rugby ball. I’ll become the NBA Baller Beats equivalent of Drago from Rocky IV.

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