E3: EDF! EDF! Earth Defense Force returns in 2014

Back in the hands of Sandlot after 2011’s westernized Insect Armageddon, Earth Defense Force 2025 is adding juuuuust enough new stuff to the tried-and-true formula to warrant an updated title. But is it enough to recapture the goofy fun of EDF 2017 or do we finally need a complete refresh from the series creators?

Though the cities, ants, alien ships, giant spiders and weapons all look a little too familiar, the new stuff does seem promising. That comes in the form of the new Air Raider who is essential the support class. He can call in airstrikes and mortar fire, use a laser sight to help other players’ missiles lock on and move faster, drop healing beacons and auto-turrets, and call in vehicle drops. Basically you’re gonna want someone in your game to play this guy because he can do all the cool stuff whenever he wants. Four-player online co-op also makes its way over from the recent Vita edition of EDF 2017.

If that still isn’t exciting enough I think this bullet point from the press release will do the trick, ensuring that “to save cities on earth, you’ll have to destroy them in pursuit of eliminating the insects!”. If only more games promised success through destruction. EDF 2025 is scheduled to ship for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in February of 2014.

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