Questionable Kinect Puzzler, Q, plopped on Xbox One today


I expressed my concern over Microsoft’s deluge of indie releases in my E3 wrap up. Case in point. This new game, Q, has come out of nowhere to be dumped on the Xbox store today. I’d have bought it straight away as it looks like a silly, WarioWare-esque Kinect game but given the quality of recent releases on Xbox One, I hesitated. Check out some of these choice quotes from the game’s description:

  • It may sound simple, but the truth couldn’t be further
  • “There are Q’s that even we developers cannot solve”
  • It can be used as an educational tool for children
  • There is so much here to sink your teeth into which makes it the best app for those moments when you have some time to kill

Broken English, the limp claim of it being educational, and they refer to it as an app? Turns out, it is an app, a Japanese iPhone and Android app released back in January. While it might be entertaining for a few minutes on your phone, I can’t convince myself to pay $6 to find out if they implemented Kinect in a way that is at all fun to play. Here’s hoping Giant Bomb takes a quick look at it some day.

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