Chrono Trigger DS, Confirmed? (update: it’s a yes!)

Square-Enix put up a not-too-mysterious countdown site consisting of nothing more than what’s shown in the image above. The obvious answer to the mystery the clock presents is that a Chrono Trigger game is coming to the DS. That could be wishful thinking if CTDS weren’t in the url. The only real question now is will it be a remake, or a brand new game? (none of the above, actually) Either way, Chrono Trigger fans are going to be beside themselves with glee until the final reveal is made public.

As far as I’m concerned, this is good news, though I’m not the biggest CT fan in the world. Sure, I paid $75 (yes, $75!) for the SNES game when it came out, and yes, I beat it multiple times, but I never loved the game like I did Finaly Fantasy IV and VI. What I did love was the music. I still listen to the original music to this day. Chrono Trigger had some of the best music of the 16 bit era. Will the new game have the same music, or will it be remixed? It’ll be a treat either way. While most of the world is waiting to see this game, I can’t wait to hear it.


Square-Enix didn’t wait long to quash the rumor mill on this one. A press release was just issued that details what’s in store for this Chrono Trigger. The main bullet point is that this is not a new game, or even a remake. It’s basically the same as the SNES original, only it’ll take up both screens and have some form of touchscreen functionality. It doesn’t sound like it is getting the deluxe remake treatment that Final Fantasy III and IV did. I imagine the music will remain unchanged, which isn’t a bad thing, but I was hoping for remixed or re-arranged tracks. There’s still a slight bit of hope for it yet. Screenshots and video will inevitably trickle out soon.