1 Week Only, Chiptune Documentary

Reformat the Planet

For just this week, Pitchfork.tv is hosting the documentary Reformat the Planet. The ten part video is about the chiptune music movement, a form of future-retro music that intentionally sounds like videogames from the 8-bit era. Think of techno done with an NES and you have the basic idea. The site itself explains it even better:

It started with sequencing 8-bit chipsets on Nintendo Game Boys, but the Chiptune scene has now expanded well beyond game systems. Directed by Paul Owens, Reformat the Planet is the essential introduction to this awesome new genre, and proves it’s more than just a blip.

Most of the music featured in the documentary is made from classic Gameboys. Using a custom cartridge and several other pieces of “real” music equipment, chiptune artists are able to create music that’s both nostalgic and enjoyable. It’s an interesting documentary if nothing else, spotlighting the artists who create the music and showing several live performances. If your city isn’t hip enough for chiptune concerts, this video is the next best thing to going to a live show.