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Style Savvy ~ A clearance find you might like

I found the game Style Savvy for Nintendo DS on clearance at Target for $9.  I had played a little bit prior, but could tell the game had lots of potential.  (They made a huge player’s guide even) So I knew I could get $9 worth of fun out of it.

You can tell by the screen photos that it’s Japanesy and super cute.  I love the profile descriptions for the different people you meet (see first pic)  The basis of the game is you start at a clothing store, customers say “I want a vest to go with this shirt” or something and you choose one.  You quickly meet the super cute owner and are given your own store to manage.  Then you can go buy clothes to stock your store, design outfits on mannequins that customers sometimes want the whole thing of and still help customers.  There is also wifi stuff like downloading other outfits, opening your own “branch” store, shopping at other branch stores, dressing up your character and socializing.  Check your target for this or whatever, cuz it’s worth it especially at this price.

This is my wifi store!

Ninety-Nine Nights 2

I posted this short review on my Tumblr after playing about an hour and thought I’d also share here.

Ninety-Nine Nights 2, Dynasty Warriors you are not. It’s like some Japanese person played DW and said “What if we could make this game over, but with even more generic & boring enemies. Maybe we could add some terrible platforming really randomly too.”

I just want DW7 now & for Ninety-Nine Nights 2 to go away.

I tagged this “done playing” not because I finished the game, but because I am DONE PLAYING.

Open plea to Harmonix, creators of Dance central

I originally posted this on my personal Tumblr blog while GameLuv was down, but now that Shawn got the site working again (Thanks Shawn!!) I thought I should repost this here. I am serious about this, if this existed, I would S rank that shit or at least have the most hours of playing EVER!

Dear Harmonix,

Dance Central is a marvelous step in the evolution of dance games. I hope it and the Kinect succeed so the tech for future dance games gets even better. The move away from a dance pad is the step needed to make dance games more enjoyable, feel more like dancing, and be grasped by a larger audience.

My plea is for a Kpop version of Dance Central with actual choreography of the artists. Learning the dances of the latest Kpop song is huge in Korea with everything from instructional youtube videos to pc “games” like Audition Online. If I could learn the dances of popular Korean songs in a Dance Central game format I would surely learn quickly or at least love every second I tried. Even if it was a Korean release, if it would play on my USA Xbox360, I would import that faster than you could convert the currency. I believe I am not alone in my feelings about the content of this game as an American. There are more Kpop fanatics outside of Korea than people probably think.



SHINee dance

Welcome APOPA Fans!

Thanks so much to Asian Pop Addict Radio for the shout out on the episode this week!  Happy 1 year anniversary and I hope you’ll have many more!

Any gamers who also like Asian pop should check out their show, it’s lulzy.