I bought Mass Effect 1…

I wanted Mass Effect 1 since Dragon Age helped me connect many games I’ve liked have been Bioware. Especially after listening to Giant Bombcast’s special with one of the Bioware guys where they discussed Mass Effect 2 & 1. I bought ME1 last Friday night and started a game with a female character on Saturday. I also received Sacred 2 from GameMine, so I asked Shawn if he’d like to try Mass Effect since it’s not the game he feared it would be, it’s more shooting etc. Shawn has been playing ever since ^_^ I have been having fun with Sacred 2, so I don’t mind.ย 
Here’s my character as I was first starting out.
Sacred 2 isn't too bad. Kill run around repeat
Then there was this crazy medievel metal concert when I helped some guy:
crazy medieval metal concert in sacred 2
The game is a bit buggy, here’s my character recently with crazy armor standing with a person stuck in the floor:
Sacred 2 character with a random person stuck in the floor
That’s all. Shawn finished Mass Effect 1, so maybe tonight I can resume my game.

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