Open plea to Harmonix, creators of Dance central

I originally posted this on my personal Tumblr blog while GameLuv was down, but now that Shawn got the site working again (Thanks Shawn!!) I thought I should repost this here. I am serious about this, if this existed, I would S rank that shit or at least have the most hours of playing EVER!

Dear Harmonix,

Dance Central is a marvelous step in the evolution of dance games. I hope it and the Kinect succeed so the tech for future dance games gets even better. The move away from a dance pad is the step needed to make dance games more enjoyable, feel more like dancing, and be grasped by a larger audience.

My plea is for a Kpop version of Dance Central with actual choreography of the artists. Learning the dances of the latest Kpop song is huge in Korea with everything from instructional youtube videos to pc “games” like Audition Online. If I could learn the dances of popular Korean songs in a Dance Central game format I would surely learn quickly or at least love every second I tried. Even if it was a Korean release, if it would play on my USA Xbox360, I would import that faster than you could convert the currency. I believe I am not alone in my feelings about the content of this game as an American. There are more Kpop fanatics outside of Korea than people probably think.



SHINee dance

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