Our Features

Over the years we’ve started, stopped, relaunched and abandoned all kinds of weekly features! For one reason or another it just wasn’t working out or, like a phoenix, it’s waiting to make a glorious return to the regular posting schedule. Instead of randomly digging through tags and categories, I thought I’d make a page to showcase each of them here. So, if it’s a particularly slow day feel free to relive the past right here!

The GameLuv Show (81 Posts)
Currently, umm, On Hiatus… maybe probably forever.
 They started as short, impromptu talks called PodShots but we wound up just doing the traditional “whatcha been playing” format which easily got sidetracked into all kinds of nostalgic yammering or topical debate. You can listen to all of our episodes, subscribe, follow, interact, and comment at our Talkshoe.com page.

Beats Go On (17 Posts)
“hey, wouldn’t it be great if a game could take the beat or lyrics of a song and turn it into a game?” With the advent of more powerful hardware this groundbreaking experience is now miraculously portable and with the PSP’s RSS Channel feature it is suddenly possible for people like little ol’ me to provide everyone with an ongoing stream of new music to play.

Name of the Game (20 Posts)
Every Tuesday once in a while we’ll post a cryptically cropped image from a game. Take a guess, roll over the image for the answer and leave a comment about the game. Did you like it? Hate it? Ever finish it? Purchase a rare mint, boxed copy? C’mon, let’s reminisce.

RantPost: The Sensible Place to Hate (4 Posts)
Blow off the week’s stress with our Friday periodic rant posts! What happens in RantPost, stays in RantPost so feel free to vent your frustrations at the topic of choice without fear of (too much) persecution. Lay on the sarcasm, ignite your mild concerns, fan the flames of your fandom! I’ll start but please don’t just reply to me.

And there’s more to come as I recompile the last 3 years of posts!