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Happy Thanksgaming from GameLuv!

Happy Thanksgaming from GameLuv!

~ May your autosaves be fresh and your load times be fast ~

Dana asked me to whip up a “video game Thanksgiving” wallpaper for her this weekend and the image that came to mind was simple: a traditional illustration of a pilgrim gathering with a big ol’ Castlevania wall meat centerpiece. I’m happy to say that it turned out just as I pictured but I forgot to save the image and only pasted it into our Facebook chat.

I wasn’t happy with Facebook’s compression when I copied it back out so I spent a bit more time on the version here to make it our official (and inaugural) GameLuv Thanksgivinggaming wallpaper. To all those partaking in the holiday, Happy Thanksgiving from the GameLuv crew. And to everyone else, Happy [DAY OF THE WEEK]!

P.S. Click the image or this link for the full-sized 1920×1080 wallpaper.

Of 2016: The GameLuv Report

Of 2016: The GameLuv Report

GameLuv’s stats were a real surprise in 2016! I only managed to make 72 posts, an all time low, but we almost had a 4-year high with 10,149 views. Once again, lots of views (1,834) were to the homepage which makes me happy to think that at least a few hundred of you come directly to GameLuv.com. For that I apologize, I really should have more posts going up throughout the year. Between OSV and Delisted Games the site is suffering from some neglect.

Beyond the homepage our top views were again from years past but this time most were just from 2015. The KPop Dance Festival news saw another 1,625 views in 2016, the most for a single post on the site. As Submerged went on sale and was ported to iOS more people came looking for meaning behind the game’s made-up language. That brought another 830 views to my post Decoding the Language and Story of Submerged. I’m happy to see more posts from 2016 pop up in the top ten as well.

Of 2016: The GameLuv Report

When Miyamoto appeared on The Tonight Show the internet had a bit of a freak-out over his shirt featuring Mario dressed up as a samurai. It immediately reminded me of the last Club Nintendo calendar that features Mario and friends dressed up for various Japanese holidays. I scanned the calendar and it brought in 253 views just in the last few weeks of 2016. My post recounting some new tidbits on Metal Gear Survive garnered 224 views and my March Update on Spelunker World grabbed another 104 views.

In search we had the same results as usual. Of our 4,329 search referrals, 3,898 were from Google. The next highest referrer was Reddit where I’d shared some posts about the Nintendo Switch, Spelunker World and Earth Defense Force. The search terms that brought people to the site couldn’t have been much more varied from last year, though.

While “luv game” and “just dance kpop” prevailed we had more people come our way thanks to Spelunker World and Metal Gear Survive than anything else. I’m also especially proud that someone’s search for “goat farting in zoo” landed them on this post, even though it wasn’t what they were looking for. Finally, I’m not sure what “kyar game” is but I don’t think it was someone looking for an early augmented reality experience at Disney World, which is what I posted about in 2007.

Visits from every country: Gotta Catch 'em All

Globally, we had the same kind of split as usual. 5,467 visitors from North America, 458 from Canada, 433 from the UK and a few hundred each from the remaining European countries. Pretty much all of the numbers were increases as well, although that includes the Eastern European ones where the spammers and scammers come from.

It was a surprisingly good year for the site and I think the only thing I can honestly attribute it to is something changing with Google’s algorithm. I did add an SEO plugin to the site but I’ve only made the metadata changes on the most recent posts. Unless it’s doing some real magic I think it’s really to do with search rank and all that Google stuff. I’m no SEO expert, not even a novice really, so I’m happy enough to see the numbers go up on the graphs.

Looking ahead, I’ll probably end up doing the Top Twenty of the IGF again, although I may take more time with it this year instead of rushing to put a bow on it. I hope to do some more cross-posting from my YouTube channel to the site and at least do a recap of my work on OSV. And of course, I’ll be throwing all kinds of random thoughts, pick-ups and links as they pop up. I’ll be updating the Play-Asia sidebar for a new look in 2017 instead of cluttering up the joint with their random product images. I’ve also begun doing some A/B testing with the few ad banners on the site so you may not see the same 3 ads for mobile games that I feel have been running forever. Also, I might as well ask if you’d turn off your ad blocker for us? It really does help and I promise I don’t have any pop-ups or pop-overs waiting to annoy you.


Thanks for all the visits, 2016!

Finally, my heartfelt thanks goes to everyone who stopped by GameLuv in 2016. I hope you found something entertaining, informative or completely new! Cheers to the best in 2017!

Of 2015: The GameLuv Report


Good ol’ GameLuv. It isn’t real popular and it’s not a super fancy website but we’ll have been kickin’ it here for ten years as of Fall 2016. The site has definitely been more popular in years past but that success seems to have moved over to my YouTube channel as everyone seems more interested in watching rather than reading. Part of that is my own fault. I only managed 91 posts for 2015, a record low since 2012. I didn’t even keep up with making a post for every video I uploaded, it just felt spammy but I probably should’ve done it anyways. I also started writing for Original Sound Version.com in 2015 which redirected a lot of my energy and effort. Most of that stuff wouldn’t have made it here but I could also have whipped up a quick recap of what was going on in the game music scene.

Some new WordPress stats this year have narrowed down my most popular day and time to Wednesdays at 8 am so I’ll be sure to schedule more posts around that time and see what happens. In other categories our top referrer was, naturally, Google followed by all the other search engines. Some of the search terms that brought people to the site were:

  • luv game
  • ebay wii dance
  • sony3
  • archeage abalone location
  • x-men living starship
  • kpop dance festival wii
  • “stalk n roll” jingle bells

It’s good to see people still tracking us down for that K-Pop dance game on the Wii and ArcheAge tips. That last one — “stalk n roll” jingle bells — leads to one of our earliest posts from December 10th, 2006 where I shared some video game music with a holiday theme. Most of the links are broken now but it’s great to know at least 3 people found our site by that very specific search.

Our global demographic was, of course, dominated by the U.S. — write what ya know, as they say — but we had several hundred visitors from Brazil, the UK, Australia, France, Canada and most other major European countries. I’ll have to keep that in mind and share some of the more interesting news I find from developers in other countries or promotions going on outside of North America.


Popular pages continued to be the homepage which I take to mean a few thousand people come directly to GameLuv in a year. If you’re one of them, hi! Thanks for stopping by. Of 7,542 views that GameLuv got in 2015, 2,735 of them were to the homepage. No telling how many of those are just me, though, looking for old articles to link back to. Once again our top posts were about K-Pop Dance Festival (567 views), Karaoke @ DAM on the Xbox One (321 views) and Dana’s evergreen recap of The Ocean Hunter (242 views).

It’s good that people are still finding our content but I would love to see more of my posts from 2015 higher on the list. My update on Karaoke @ DAM was in the top five with 208 views but the rest of 2015’s posts drop considerably. My hands-on with Tori Watch and my decryption of the fictional language in Submerged were the next most viewed. Nevertheless, this isn’t about hits and ad revenue (though those are nice conciliatory bonuses), I’m still writing here because that’s how I love to express myself and the things that I find interesting.

Overall, not a noteworthy year for the site but I still appreciate everyone who stumbled upon us in 2015. Hopefully we’ll turn up again for you in 2016 for odd dance games, old video game music, indie games, pixelart, or some other weird, cool thing even I haven’t found yet.

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for visiting GameLuv!

A look at GameLuv in 2013


In 2012 WordPress sent out some stats on GameLuv and it inspired me to dig into how the site fared that year. Maybe I shouldn’t have made it an annual tradition because, like myself, 2013 was one of the worst years for the site.

We had a pitiful total of 9,920 views for the whole year (down from 23,000 in 2012) and the lowest since all the way back in 2008. We averaged 27 views a day, most of which came to the home page. For that I’m grateful, it means there are readers out there who check in with GameLuv on a regular basis.

Our top posts haven’t changed much though. Katy’s open plea to Harmonix to make a Kpop version of Dance Central was second most viewed. My pre-release look at Skylanders still draws hits even though I didn’t have many details to go by. Dana’s retrospective on Sega’s arcade shooter, The Ocean Hunter remains a top post once again.

I am happy to see that our Number One post is from 2013. My write up about K-Pop Dance Festival for the Wii had 667 views last year. Also in the top ten is the tidbit I dug out of Sony’s PlayStation 4 FAQ revealing that you can stream PS4 audio wirelessly through the controller into a headset. That is still some bitchin’ news!

I don’t know if it drove people away or not but my automated YouTube posts filled up much of GameLuv in 2013. I’m going to disable the plugin and maybe do a weekly round up with links (and fewer embedded video blocks) this year. As video grows to be the dominant medium on the internet it’s likely that GameLuv’s numbers will continue to drop but I’ll do my best to keep the site alive.

Thank you to everyone who found GameLuv in 2013 and everyone reading this somber post. I really hope to turn things around professionally and personally in 2014!

A Look at GameLuv in 2012

Now that my 2012 recap is out of the way let’s take a look at GameLuv. WordPress compiled a fancy page of stats for anyone running their Jetpack plugin revealing that the site had 23,000 views and 69 new posts in 2012. For a site where it’s basically just me posting about Achievements and very obscure games I think that’s pretty good.

The busiest day of the year was Monday, May 7th with 201 views, the majority of which were this post about crazy Bejweled Avatar gear. I can only imagine this is thanks to the Giant Bomb effect. At some point Ryan spotted someone’s Avatar wearing this insanely shiny Bejeweled outfit and it probably sent everyone running to Google and ultimately to GameLuv. I’m glad to be your Top Google Result for weird Avatar clothing!

Our most popular posts continued getting hits in 2012. The post I made about Skylanders just before it exploded onto toy store shelves is now up to nearly 4,800 cumulative views. Dana’s nostalgic post about The Ocean Hunter from July 2010 is nearly at 2,000 views. And for whatever reason my closing thoughts on Metal Gear Solid 4 continue to draw people to the site. Thankfully, the majority of visitors to GameLuv in 2012 landed on the homepage to read whatever the top ten posts were that day.

The only disappointing stat to me is that we only got about 18 comments after you rule out all my replies. I’m no good at starting or maintaining conversations and with people flitting from Twitter to Facebook to a dozen other social sites I guess it’s to be expected. Still, it’d be nice to have a few more back-and-forths with real people to counter all the Russian spam comments I delete.

Seeing almost double the visitors to GameLuv over 2011 makes me feel great. Even though my lofty goals of retiring from a fat GameLuv paycheck have never panned out it really helps keep me going. As Katy and I branch out into YouTube (where the real pennies are at!) you may see more videos posted but I’m sure GameLuv in 2013 will continue to feature dumb Achievements, weird old games and photos of things I bought on clearance. Now that I think about that, 23,000 views sounds miraculous. Thank you all so much for visiting the site!