GameLuv: The Third Iteration

Well, that was fun! What was supposed to be a minutes-long WordPress update became a weeks-long nightmare. It didn’t help that I took my PC down as all this was happening and we got hit by a major snow storm.

But we’re back and mostly intact! Unfortunately, my ineptitude at MySQL databases killed off all the coments and users we’ve ever had so you’ll need to sign up again. I’m very very sorry about this but it’s all gone. I have a much better understanding of things now, though, and I’ll be sure to keep every thing and every one backed up more frequently in the future.

There is a bit of providence to this grim tale. I’d been thinking about changing the look of the site for a while and this total cock up cleared the canvas to start work on something new. And that’s what you see before you today.

Most of the design came to me in a few days of mad inspiration (and theme editing) and the basic structure is set. You’ll see our ever-changing Avatar pics as part of the logo up top (click for more on each of us), comments, login, and ad stuff are to the right, and all the details of each post are neatly filed on the left.

Unlike our last theme, this one handles text editing and image captions much better so look for a more rich layout to the posts. Tags are also easier to spot now and the categories have been boiled down to the basics. Looking back through the archives is going to be a little weird for a while. I’ve got 600+ posts to retag and categorize and multiple authors to assign. That’s gonna take… a while.

But here we are, alive and online once again! Sign up if you’d like, start commenting (don’t forget to use your gravatar icons!), and let’s try to get GameLuv and FoodLuv back to normal!

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