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Because I can’t not do it, I’m back on YouTube!

Because I can't not do it, I'm back on YouTube!

Try as they may, YouTube will not stop me and my dumb videos! Way back in February some unfortunate mishaps played out and my original channel of 13 years was flagged for obliteration. I sat in the smoldering aftermath of it for pretty much the entire year, too crushed to try and pick up the pieces. One of those crazy Speed Racer kids even asked me multiple times what I was going to do but I could only deflect with “there’s just not enough time right now” and “I’d love to but…”.

Life went on, I changed jobs, we bought a house, but the loss of those videos has never stopped weighing on me. YouTube channels about video games are cheaper than a dime a dozen but I had some unique stuff on there. Moreover, I always appreciated when someone would comment that they couldn’t find a game or song or scene until I uploaded it. I was helping people in my awkward little, game-specific way and I want that back!


And so it finally is! Well, it’s getting there. Re-uploading over a decade of videos is going to take some time but I’ve started with the most popular and most unique stuff first: 

Dinosaur Hunting ✔️
Speed Racer: The Videogame ✔️
Super Bombad Racing videOST ✔️
Rare PlayStation Vita soundtracks ✔️

My gargantuan playthrough of R-Type Command is currently going up, one episode a day, from now through February (!!) and I’ll be peppering in shorter series and original content as often as I can. I don’t want to fill up anyone’s YouTube feed with constant posts so the best bet may be to check out my playlists page to see if your favorite thing is back up. Of course, I’d love it if you subscribed so I could one day get back to making some money, but if you find something fun, useful, or totally obscure, that’s more than enough satisfaction for me.

Thanks, as always, for taking a look!

Oops! My YouTube Channel might be gone for good

Oops! My YouTube Channel might be gone for good

If you were the kind of person to keep up with GameLuv on even a semi-regular basis, you might have noticed some disgusting gray YouTube thumbnails popping up across the site. Unfortunately, my YouTube account which I’ve had since 2006 has been terminated and it took nearly 2,000 videos down with it. How’d it happen? I’m still hopeful it’s a case of mistaken identity.

Last year my separate Delisted Games YouTube channel got hit with an infringement claim and was terminated. I then created a new, also separate account linked to my main YouTube channel to start rebuilding. After some time the sub-channel was logged out of my main account. I assume it was for security reasons because I hadn’t switched over to it for a few months and when I went to reconnect it a few weeks ago it must’ve tipped off the YouTube algorithm.

Possibly because both channels were named “Delisted Games”, the bot mismatched my totally-legit and still-active Delisted channel with the one that was banished in 2017. That kind of behavior is apparently a no-no in the YouTube EULA and so it dragged my main account down with it. That was a frantic and frightening thing to discover on a random Wednesday evening.

It’s been nearly a week since I sent YouTube my carefully measured appeal and I’m hoping the channel will be reinstated sometime soon. If not, the appeals will continue. If that still doesn’t work, well, I’ve got a lot of re-uploading to do… somewhere. DTube maybe? Until this shakes out please forgiven the gross gray thumbnails littering the site, and if you’d like to help me rebuild, follow along on the new Delisted channel. Even if I get my original channel back I’ll be actively using that one from now on for delisted work. I think a little decentralization is in order so 100% of my efforts aren’t totally lost again.

In Memoriam: The Fur Babies of Gameluv


My fiance and I were sitting in the veterinarian’s waiting room filling out paperwork for our cat. He was a stray, and I had no idea what kind of cat he was, let alone his actual date of birth. Still, we had to jot something down on the line.

“When did Super Mario Galaxy 2 come out?” I asked him. He shrugged.

“Uh, 2008? 2009, I think?” He replied.

“No, that doesn’t sound right.” I said as I quickly googled the answer. He looked at me like I was crazy for even thinking about a  video game at a time like this, but it was relevant to me.

“Ah, May 2010. I thought so!” I said and jotted down the date onto the paper.

I adopted my cat, Mocha, around the same time Super Mario Galaxy 2 came out and it’s the only way I was able to remember his date of birth. This may seem like a small, insignificant thing to everyone else but to me it meant something. I was so busy taking care of my new kitten that the release of a game I had been anticipating didn’t seem important. I never did get around to playing it. Mocha proved to be too much of a fun distraction.



Years later, when it was time to make a logo for the Gameluv sail in the MMORPG Archeage, it seemed like an obvious choice to display our cats. Why wouldn’t we? Our precious pets were an integral part of our lives. They watched us game, they purred on our laps while we held our controllers. They meowed loudly for attention when we didn’t want to be interrupted, because that’s how cats roll. I’m glad that we paid homage to them on that sail, especially now when a few of them have taken the trip over the rainbow bridge.

I didn’t get enough time with my Mocha, he was only seven. That vet trip was his last, and what I thought was a “better safe than sorry” check up turned out to be our worst nightmare. He took the same trip Molly did recently, and I remember how painful it was to watch Shawn and Katy grieve her. She was a good kitty, too. If there is a special place where cats go after death, I really hope that Mocha and Molly can hang out with one another to compare notes on their gaming parents and how they are now immortalized forever in our hearts and on the Gameluv sail.

Rest in peace, fur babies. We’ll miss you.

Also pictured and deceased: The adorable orange kitty in the sail, who belongs to Gameluv’s Shane! Katy recalls its name being Maus. For some reason, I thought it was Tank. Perhaps Shane could let us know which beloved kitty is on the sail, but they also have a spot in our heart.

A look at GameLuv in 2013


In 2012 WordPress sent out some stats on GameLuv and it inspired me to dig into how the site fared that year. Maybe I shouldn’t have made it an annual tradition because, like myself, 2013 was one of the worst years for the site.

We had a pitiful total of 9,920 views for the whole year (down from 23,000 in 2012) and the lowest since all the way back in 2008. We averaged 27 views a day, most of which came to the home page. For that I’m grateful, it means there are readers out there who check in with GameLuv on a regular basis.

Our top posts haven’t changed much though. Katy’s open plea to Harmonix to make a Kpop version of Dance Central was second most viewed. My pre-release look at Skylanders still draws hits even though I didn’t have many details to go by. Dana’s retrospective on Sega’s arcade shooter, The Ocean Hunter remains a top post once again.

I am happy to see that our Number One post is from 2013. My write up about K-Pop Dance Festival for the Wii had 667 views last year. Also in the top ten is the tidbit I dug out of Sony’s PlayStation 4 FAQ revealing that you can stream PS4 audio wirelessly through the controller into a headset. That is still some bitchin’ news!

I don’t know if it drove people away or not but my automated YouTube posts filled up much of GameLuv in 2013. I’m going to disable the plugin and maybe do a weekly round up with links (and fewer embedded video blocks) this year. As video grows to be the dominant medium on the internet it’s likely that GameLuv’s numbers will continue to drop but I’ll do my best to keep the site alive.

Thank you to everyone who found GameLuv in 2013 and everyone reading this somber post. I really hope to turn things around professionally and personally in 2014!

Sharing the (Game) Luv once again


WordPress updated and so did their Jetpack plugin and now our posts here should hit Facebook, Twitter, our brand new Google+ page and my old Livejournal with the press of a button. You should probably consider this a test post.