Because I can’t not do it, I’m back on YouTube!

Because I can't not do it, I'm back on YouTube!

Try as they may, YouTube will not stop me and my dumb videos! Way back in February some unfortunate mishaps played out and my original channel of 13 years was flagged for obliteration. I sat in the smoldering aftermath of it for pretty much the entire year, too crushed to try and pick up the pieces. One of those crazy Speed Racer kids even asked me multiple times what I was going to do but I could only deflect with “there’s just not enough time right now” and “I’d love to but…”.

Life went on, I changed jobs, we bought a house, but the loss of those videos has never stopped weighing on me. YouTube channels about video games are cheaper than a dime a dozen but I had some unique stuff on there. Moreover, I always appreciated when someone would comment that they couldn’t find a game or song or scene until I uploaded it. I was helping people in my awkward little, game-specific way and I want that back!


And so it finally is! Well, it’s getting there. Re-uploading over a decade of videos is going to take some time but I’ve started with the most popular and most unique stuff first: 

Dinosaur Hunting ✔️
Speed Racer: The Videogame ✔️
Super Bombad Racing videOST ✔️
Rare PlayStation Vita soundtracks ✔️

My gargantuan playthrough of R-Type Command is currently going up, one episode a day, from now through February (!!) and I’ll be peppering in shorter series and original content as often as I can. I don’t want to fill up anyone’s YouTube feed with constant posts so the best bet may be to check out my playlists page to see if your favorite thing is back up. Of course, I’d love it if you subscribed so I could one day get back to making some money, but if you find something fun, useful, or totally obscure, that’s more than enough satisfaction for me.

Thanks, as always, for taking a look!

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