This Week on YouTube: Enter if you want to die

The retro train continued this week on my channel, kicking off with an old Nintendo 64 sports reel that I probably only cared about for 1080 Snowboarding. Of much more interest to me personally is this PlayStation 1997 demo tape that I may or may not have swiped from a VCR in Service Merchandise in order to take screengrabs for And lastly is yet another upload of Nintendo’s infamous Star Fox 64 tape with highly stereotyped actors representing Sony and Sega. It’s a classic!

I did record some original content of my own this week. Tuesday I put up a tour of the Saturn’s front end which I never realized is a cohesively designed spaceship dashboard, en route to Saturn, no doubt. Thursday is the big day I’ve been working towards for a while now: part 1 of my Virtual Hydlide playthrough went up! Marvel at this peculiar 3D remake of the NES original in all its oddball, roguelike stylings.

Katy’s got the train a rollin’ on her channel. More Girls Fashion Shoot and Picross E4 on 3DS as well as more Earth Defense Force 2025 co-op.

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