This Week on YouTube: ArcheAge Looming

It’s the end of summer and the beginning of ArcheAge season! Katy and I have been super-hooked on the MMO since it’s been in beta and now free-to-play release. So much so that I forgot I have a YouTube channel. Fortunately, I’ve got stuff queued up through the end of the month. Stuff like:

The penultimate entry in my Summer Games series, Wii Sports Resort. Man, I love flying around Wuhu Island. I wish ArcheAge had real airplanes you could fly! While I was looking for more demos and unreleased material on the 3DO I ended up recording the entirety of the Sampler CD that came with the original console. It turned into a five part playlist that includes a hot 90’s overview of the console, some MPEG-1 video clips and previews of a some unreleased games.

It was also totally time for a delayed episode of my PlayStation Mobile roundup and I finally got around to testing out Bust A Groove 2 that I found at a yard sale for $1! Spoilers: it’s also really hard to play on an LCD display.

Katy’s channel is winding down with Sims 3 content and ramping up with ArcheAge coverage. She’s got a couple choice clips from her Style Savvy Trendsetters in Sims 3 series including Reed with some bees and some playful cats. I also feature prominently in one quick clip from Tomodachi Life. But what you really want to see is more ArcheAge right!? She’s got two parts from our early days in the Head Start (Part 1, Part 2) with probably many more coming!

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