This Week on YouTube: PlayStation Mobile, TurboGrafx and More!

I’ve been keeping up with the PlayStation Mobile marketplace on the Vita since the beginning. It’s technically an Android platform but the games also take into account the Vita’s buttons, analog sticks and D-Pad. There’ve been some interesting releases, loads of shovel-ports from iOS and even some handy apps released by small groups and individuals.

After much procrastination I’ve finally decided to start a new YouTube series, gleefully called ‘It is Totally Time for PlayStation Mobile!’. Each Wednesday I’ll point a webcam at the Vita and catch you up on the latest releases and updated games, and since there’s quite a back catalog I’ll dig up a golden oldie to call out. I posted an “episode zero” on Sunday but the first real installment went up this week as well.

Elsewhere on the ‘Tube, Summer Series raged on with the punishingly difficult Jet Moto last Saturday, I checked out the methodical movements of Mr. ESC with EXIT on PSP and I spent some time with a childhood favorite, Veigues Tactical Gladiator for TurboGrafx-16.

And in the gilded hinterlands of Katy’s channel she harvested a bevvy of nutritious new uploads this past week. Allow me to read the menu:


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