Of 2014: The Most Watched Videos (on my Channel)


With over 168,000 views in 2014, my YouTube channel is more popular than GameLuv has ever been. I should probably be turning every post I make into a video but text is way easier to bang out and I don’t have a “camera ready” personality. So, with very little shame I present the “winners” for ‘Most Watched YouTube Videos (on my channel)’.

Battletanx “Snuggle Bear” Nintendo 64 Commercial (5,252 views)

For a video that was up for just over half the year, this commercial for a largely forgotten Nintendo 64 game sure drew the views. Is it because it’s only 35 seconds long? Is it because the thumbnail sports a plush, cuddly rip-off of the Snuggle brand Snuggle Bear? Or is this game more fondly remembered than I thought? I wish I knew because I’d love to post more videos this popular in 2015!

Body Harvest Pt. 01: Greece, Stage 01 (3,045 views)

I think a lot of people came to this one out of curiosity. I’m no expert on collective consciousness but it seems like the word is slowly spreading on this proto-Grand Theft Auto game and people want to take a look. But they don’t want to look for too long; the other 9 parts of the series only have 3,000 views collectively and the count trails off as it gets to the end.

Special mention goes to Part 10 for being my most commented video of 2014. This is where I get stumped by the game and give up playing, disappointing all who had come so far to see an ending. Maybe some day I’ll cheat my way through it and put an end to this black mark on my name. Eh, maybe.

More Split Screen Earth Defense Force 2025! (2,855 views)

I have no idea why this video was so popular! Katy’s videos combined barely gathered 700 views but this 50-minute chunk of us playing split screen with a crummy headset between us nearly hit 3,000. Such are the mysteries of YouTube view counts.

The New Tetris (2,195 views)

Now this one I totally understand. The New Tetris is the best Tetris in my opinion and if people didn’t come snapping at it to see its hot visuals then they stayed around for its amazing soundtrack. I wasn’t able to monetize it but the music is just too good to cut out in order to make a few pennies.

Action! Adventure! Shortcuts! It’s Beetle Adventure Racing (1,931 views)

This is another one I completely understand because 1) Beetle Adventure Racing is outstanding and 2) people really want new arcade racing fun. The real mystery here is why it got 241 views on August 5th when it was published five months earlier with an average of eight views a day. Was it reddit? It was probably reddit.

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